Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afropolitan Collection Update

Hi everybody!
It's already almost mid-November and I've been tight-lipped about the new collection but now I've got bitter-sweet news...
It's been pushed until further notice. I truly apologize to everyone. The preparation is taking so much more than expected and I'd like to make sure all grounds are covered before venturing out into something so big. I'm going back to my drawing board and getting things done better and I want to assure you all that it will be the best Afropolitan collection you ever saw! I'm researching in-depth, scrutinizing harder, working meticulously with extremely talented people in every aspect.
I'm still eager to show everyone what I can do and I'm very much excited for what's brewing. You all should be too! ;-)
Thank you all so much for the anticipation and support. It really does push me to go harder. Afropolitan still coming through!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Afropolitan Collection

I'm back blogging for the meantime as I am working on my most exciting project yet! First, I'll start by apologizing for leaving so rudely, I'll be more civil next time.

Right now I'm working on my Afropolitan Collection which will be released by late November, and will have some pieces on sale afterwards! *cartwheels*

This collection is inspired by the Afropolitans who Taiye Tuakli-Worsornu describes as:
"the newest generation of African emigrants, in the industrialised world. You'll
know them by a funny blend of London fashion, New York jargon, African ethics and academic success.
If nothing else, the Afropolitan knows that nothing is neatly black or white; that to 'be' anything is a matter of being sure of who you are uniquely."
(Read the rest here).

For me, the afropolitan woman is sophisticated, fun, conscious, strong, intelligent and unique! She knows what she wants and achieves her goals in life. There is some mystery to her as she always represents her African heritage in an unprecedented yet highly admirable way.

This collection does not only refer to the person who is of African descent, but to anyone who can relate to this successful multi-dimensional virtue. For a while, I have been trying to come up with images that convey compelling images of the afropolitan however, I believe the ultimate high will be in the final collection *goosebumps and faster heart rate*. These are some of my images I have come up with...

A series of pix I took a couple weeks ago... Shot by Ify Olu and directed by me.

Random shots I've taken of myself.

Ankara book covers made by 12-year old Debbie Madueke...
Sterre sunbathing in her dashiki-esque head wrap... I love!
I understand that fabric isn't the only representation of the afropolitan much less ankara. However this collection will feature mainly this material for reasons I'll explain later. For now I'm just letting the ankara whisk me into the land of inspirationo! Afropolitan coming through...


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Les Bons Mots

About a month ago, I was catching up on Fashion Week SS09 both in Milan and Paris and I stumbled upon some interesting lines from fave designers and attendees...

“ I love contradiction... for me, it’s where the truth really is”
Creative Director for YSL, Stefano Pilati, on his inspiration for collection

“I don’t just work for Fashion Week, I work for women. It’s really important to create pieces you wanna keep forever”
Stella McCartney on her ability to create pieces that women love time and time again.

“There is certainly a credit crunch but not a creative crunch”
John Galliano when asked about his eponymous haute couture collection.

Lastly, a convo about McQueen's collection, which was described as the 'most persuasive lesson in Fashion recycling [...]' as he reused old material like coke cans, tires and lamps to fabric from his previous collections to create an amazing & entertainig show!;
Tim Blanks: That could be the end of civilization
Linda Fargo
(of Bergdorf Goodman): *gasp* Well that would be a pretty ending though, I would go out like that!

Neat stuff eh? 


Monday, April 6, 2009

Bra or no?...maybe?

Today's weather is wet and cold, no sunlight = sappy and blue... Perfect weather for me to throw on a Mack and a pair of Wellies, no make up, no cheerful smiles, just a pretty long face to go! But that wasn't even what made the day sad for me... I went out to run some errands and my body started itching. Usually it's much worse as my body itches so bad that I feel as if an army of ants are crawling all over me. I get so profane in my thoughts and the slightest glimpse of clutter I see leads me to tears ='( . There's this one commercial image of a dog sitting on a pile of snack bones that kills me when this happens... When will I find a solution? Sigh! *

***Trying to clear my mind out***

I was e-looking around and I realized that though not a new trend, some women are comfortable roaming clearly sans the baby food-holder... The Bra! 
How do you lot feel about that move? 
"Statement of Femininity" 
"Attention seeking" 
"Doesn’t even matter... Next!" 
"That’s a no-no!" (If you understand Hausa, this wasn't pun-intended, I promise. LOL)
L-R: actress Zoe Kravitz is wearing one but for???; Rihanna; Uma Thurman 
Aretha... Franklin.... 
I personally don’t fancy the visibly bra-less move. And then for some, their nips are just sooo invasive! I’m a firm believer in looking sexy yet keeping the nitty gritty details to a minimum. The universe does not have to know what your entire tatas look like. And really, the absolute least you can do is cover your nipples OR don't let the girls look like an overworked shopping bag...


Monday, March 30, 2009

PRC tomorrow... Can't wait!

Tomorrow, the semi-final (I think) for Project Runway Canada will be airing and I can't wait. Honestly, I haven't been blown away by anyone on the show except for Sunny Fong who keeps delivering EVERYfriggin'TIME like he got no other option! He's exceptional! 

Jessica Biffi, whom I love her bubbly personality so much, is arguably the second best (it's between her and Jason Myers, who got eliminated and came back). Jason and Genevieve came back on the show and kicked my fellow Nigerian, Adejoke out! I almost cried for her because it was one of her best works but she got the scissors because of Kim 
(whose personality was depicted as very bitchy on the show). I was happy Kim left, but still felt sorry for her. Girl needed a hug!

Anyway, Rachel Roy was the guest judge last week. There was just something about her that used to scare me... I dunno... Maybe it was this collection, lol (which I actually loved but it reminded me of colonial times for some reason). But jokes aside, after this episode, she came across softer...still militant, still opinionated but softer... Now I just think she is a strong woman who knows what she wants...and I'm loving her! (I'm sure by now, you all can tell that I love strong women).

I tried embedding the video but it doesn't work so try THIS . RR had some insightful things to say.

Well, I can't believe I gave 2 posts in one day. Man, why can't life be this easy?! *sigh*

UPDATE: PRC Finale is next week instead.
muchos besos,

The Simmonseseses...

There’s something subtly exciting about Angela’s look here. Possibly the best put-together look I’ve seen on her in ages and I’ll tell you why.

Here she’s almost going ‘sweet and simple’, which can be synonymous with ‘safe and boring’, but takes it up a notch by opting for the geometric sandals and structured top handle to tone down all that frilly-girliness going on in that dress. Also noteworthy, is the red hue boldly featured from the shoes and bag without being unnecessarily dramatic. I hope she didn’t think too hard on this one before coming out, because it’s looking right Angela!

Okay, she's no longer a Simmons but it's about Kimora’s top... I assume it's one of those tee captions that'd make any pregnant woman feel phat instead of fat??? Whatever the case, the whole idea is literally cute! =) 


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SEXY BODY PARTS: Foreheadsss

Some beautiful females with prominent foreheads:

Clockwise: Rihanna; actress, Mena Suvari (American Pie); Iman; model, Lily Cole; actress, Christina Ricci; Tyra Banks; and Sade Adu

Clockwise: My part-time sis, Nkechi I-B; Me (hehe); Big sister, Mautin; the beautiful Cynthia O.

I used to be sooo conscious of mine as a child, and high school kids didn't make it any easier for me! Lol. I would ALWAYS cover it up until my school banned bangs. I promise, I thought I was going to die that day! I was not going to go back to school until my mother called on her friend and they gave my big sis and I a pep-talk for a couple hours (which didn't change much then, lol). But now, I'd do anything to pull my hair back! 

After seeing such gorgeousness that big foreheads are responsible for, I can't believe some people still consider it a flaw. Puhleaseeee! As Cynthia above once commented, "Big, regal foreheads are the norm..." And in my self-serving bias mode, I approve! =)


Friday, March 13, 2009

She's bad and you know it!

After the mini hiatus and much media frenzy about Rihanna, she finally came out. And she did so well. Ri-Ri looks bad azz and makes a statement, especially the hair. I'm sure she knows people are gonna hate it and that's very bold of her. She don't curr whanonayall say! lol. Talk about coming out strong. Love it! ;-)

Photo courtesy of theybf.com


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday I was observing the bubbly downtown Toronto from the grimy-streetcar-point-of-view.
And I drew that;
In Toronto you come across people,
On Queen Street you come across individuals...

That being said, can you guess what district Queen Street is?


Monday, March 9, 2009

Party Up! =)

When it comes to the party scene, I have to say dressing up is my favorite part! In Nigeria, where I'm from (especially in the Yoruba culture), partying is a lifestyle! We party almost to a fault! lol And for us, these are the elements that make a party a party :
1. Great food! Not only must there be food, it must be in abundance as well. Are you ki'ing me?! lol  I think it's unfortunate that we don't have food in parties anymore, just drinks. lol
2. Scintillating music (the type that would provoke a paralyzed person to get up and dance!)
3. The clothes... You know that the issue of matching clothes with the shoes and bags (whether right or wrong, lol) is a very touchy one to Nigerian women! 

Whatever the case, I can relate. Looking good is a MUST, whether it be jeans and tees. The last party my posse and I went for was NEPA. A much anticipated party organized by the Carleton University Nigerian Students Association (CUNSA), which is arguably the most active Nigerian association in Canada. It was sooo much fun! Red carpet, DAV!D, flashing lights, DAV!D, fab music, DAV!D, meeting amazing new people, DAV!D, DAV!D, DAV!D and so on!

I put together some flicks from the party that caught my eye... There were thousands of them to scheme through and heaven knows, I got tired! As per the fashion part, people looked good but I didn't see anything mind-blowing (except for the DAV!D look of course, lol)... Anyway, if you're wearing it well, you're wearing it well, iniit? Enjoy!    

L-R: The lights on the dance floor; Glowing ice; African jewelry and mini champagne bottles included in the VIP packs; The backdrop (DAV!D is somewhere on there... Sweet eh?!) These were put together by the ladies of INEN Organized!

Ladies L-R: The INEN girls, Christal and Sterre (whose hair was so FIERCE!); The ankara triplets, Ifeoma, Ijeoma and Adeola; Adaeze-Flossy (she gets credit for altering the style of that dress to perfection)

The Men Clockwise: Mr. Gidilounge in his crisp vest; Donald M is working that red carpet! lol; Olumide B. did pink and red justice; Donald Ofik- Dude is a trendsetter, watch his space!; Jimi Bolu having too much fun in his dapper bowtie, definitely another trendsetter to look out for; Ikenna O. kept it simple and sweet in the cargo colors and boat shoes; Deji K. brought the heat in a leather blazer... 

Random:  Kwame and I (bottom left) reuniting after 4 years?; Kenny (top left) is gonna kill me but I love the way he's dancing in that pic. lol Overall, NEPA was loads of fun. Got me dancing in my full length dress and all...lol

On a closing note, my woman of the night: Miss Ify Olu... Donning a metallic custom DAV!D dress. She did look like molten lava... Tsssttt! I love the way she worked the entire look with the head wrap, thong flats and the DAV!D swagg to go. Work itttt!!! =)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Usually Leave My Traumatizing Tales for Facebook but...

...I almost died last night! I was laying on my couch, laptop on my tummy, probably catching up on theybf.com then suddenly! A FETCHING BUG FELL THROUGH THE VENT!!! Then came a relatively loud sound from the fall and then it scampered its way beneath the cushion VIA MY ELBOW! 


If you know me, you'll know that I'm usually animated. I dunno what I must've looked or sounded  like screaming and flying off that couch in a microsecond! I think this is the bug but I'm not sure 'cause this one looks wayyyy smaller and redder! The one that dropped on me was greyyy and as big as my pinky finger. 

It's almost 24 hours since it happened and I haven't smelt my couch! Now, I will say no to sitting near vents! Just what I needed to add to my 10-item phobia list. ;-(

After flushing this intruder down the toilet where it'll NEVER return, I'm reading that the thing is harmless. Sorry. 

Image from http://www.diller.ca/images/eek.png

Still Traumatized!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project Runway Canada 2

So the much anticipated PR Canada II starts on Tuesday and I'm well excited! The show is months late but at this point, I don't even mind. At least it's not cancelled! Phew! 

I heard a Nigerian girl was in the show a long time ago and I'd been dying to find out who. Well here she is, Adejoke Taiwo. I wish I was the first to be on the show but I'm tres happy nonetheless. I hope she wins! You can watch her audition here as well...

Catch the show 22.00 ET, Tuesdays on GlobalTV. Let all the cutting and stabbing begin! Hehehe!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Firestarter, do you wanna set it off?!

I think this was the most interesting thing I did with DAVID after school. I worked on a couple costumes for a music video by the Kings of the Revolution! Yay! It was fun working for my friend, Bolaji Kekere-Ekun (or K-E-X as his own Sasha Fierce,lol) who is a film director in Los Angeles. I had to conceptualize, sketch, and send them to him for approval or rejection (the rejection part wasn't cool) ;-)The first scene which starts at 1.00 shows the 1st outfit. It was inspired by a fairy but one brought to life by a mad scientist in a frigid environment (who K-E-X played).

Conceptualization + Finished design

Tafero's scene came second at 1.50 and portrayed a gladiator and a goddess. That outfit was inspired by a scene Bolaji sent to me from the Matrix III.

I looovvveee this dress! x
The Sage's scene was great too! Mo Coco Ninalowo played the oracle in the video. She looked STUNNING in DAVID! And may I just add that nous Canadiennes were rawking the video! (Tafero, Mo and DAVID... Yessss....)
And here is the grand video. Quite deep, I must say. I especially LOVE the end! Great work Kings of the Revolution! ;-)

Erm, here's a pic of one of the countless times my finger got busted sewing the hemp rope into those beautiful spirals on Mo's bust. 

The things I do for love...Hmph!


Is Anyone Still Here?!?!

I hope so! Hello everybodayyy, I'm back!!! After being hounded by concerned folk, I have decided to blog again. I was M.I.A. for a while and didn't want to bore you all with gabs about everybody and everything else but DAVID. But I guess DAVID can share things that DAVID likes too right? So now I'll try and blog as often as I can!

Well, 2008 wasn't so boring after all. It ended on an amazing note. I was in London with the fam (and someone tell me why it so cold down there this time?! It even snowed! Eek!) I graduated from my undergrad; never went for the ceremony though. I did get a J-O-B last year. Yes, a full-time job but we won't go there. I worked on a couple things that I will talk as I blog more often (Can somebody say Firestarter?!) All in all, I am thankful for last year. It was the beginning of new and beautiful things to come! I hope everyone got into 2009 with great spirits and expectations. Okay, let's get to blogging...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009