Friday, December 7, 2007


I just ODd (overdosed) on Project Runway Season 4 and Project Runway Canada Season 1. For several reasons, I had no time to catch them on TV but I watched them religiously, back-to-back yesterday and today... Oh, and add some ANTM to that!

I feel quite sick having given so many opinions and seen so much creativity (and lack thereof). At the same time, I finally got inspiration for some salmon pink linen that has been sitting there for months... Let's see how this goes... *snapping some scissors*

My fave contestant. Totally LOVE him- Evan Biddell

Kisses overdose,

Sunday, December 2, 2007

All Sins Can be Forgiven... Truly

Who has been converted now???

It's Katie Holmes!!!
Like dang, she don't even play no more! I'm sure all of you remember her from that Creek show (lol, I know it's Dawson's Creek. Not a fan of those teen series). I feel like her fashion inner being has been RENEWED! She has been saved and sanctified aesthetically. All her fashion sins have been forgiven and she is now PURE, CLEAN CUT (even her hair do, imagine?), ALL THAT EXTRA BAGGAGE SHE USED TO CARRY HAS BEEN LIFTED OFF HER! Can I get an amen, somebody?! Please, see for yourselves people and tell me I'm truthing.



From Glam to Mamma to Chic, she's still getting it right. I'm impressed. Very impressed.
*nodding my head in approval*

DAV!D's 1st Magazine Debut! Woot woot!!!

134Elitz Magazine baby!!!

I'm really excited about this magazine because it's one of the hottest things coming out of Canada now (we all know Canadians are typically mellow and so are the Nigerians that come here).But this one is LIVE! And it belongs to my darlings of *insert city name here* (I don't want stalkers following them)! Anyway, they're doing big things and I'm so honored to be a part of it. They featured me as one of their designers for their debut *tear* (Why am I crying sef? They had no choice, I'm mean like that! lol)...

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you lot a sneak peek. Oooohhh!!! Don't you just love the suspense from those, lol ;-)

So that's Queenette rocking the Bubblegum dress by DAV!D. She NAILED it. I was SO impressed with the variety she was throwing at the lens! Also, the pix were shot by me (these photographers were tripping, that's why, lol). And you'll see WAY more good stuff in this first issue!
So please grab your copy for only $5 in mid-late December and visit their site for more info (currently in progress) and their blog,

GOD bless DAV!D, GOD bless YOU!
Massive Kisses!