Sunday, December 2, 2007

All Sins Can be Forgiven... Truly

Who has been converted now???

It's Katie Holmes!!!
Like dang, she don't even play no more! I'm sure all of you remember her from that Creek show (lol, I know it's Dawson's Creek. Not a fan of those teen series). I feel like her fashion inner being has been RENEWED! She has been saved and sanctified aesthetically. All her fashion sins have been forgiven and she is now PURE, CLEAN CUT (even her hair do, imagine?), ALL THAT EXTRA BAGGAGE SHE USED TO CARRY HAS BEEN LIFTED OFF HER! Can I get an amen, somebody?! Please, see for yourselves people and tell me I'm truthing.



From Glam to Mamma to Chic, she's still getting it right. I'm impressed. Very impressed.
*nodding my head in approval*


Q said...

This woman blows me away. I think she dresses way better than Posh Spice now. I love her style. It is so rich and refreshing.Look at her in that blue dress. She is now my new style

coco said...

I like her hair in the day but the other night at that premiere I didn't like it at all

exschoolnerd said...

I dnt know theres just something i rili like bout u..cant seem to put my finger on it...(i am not a lesbo)

thnx for stopping by my blog..

got two things to point out..ur gorge(still not a lesbo) and ur clothes r fab..

ehen about ms dawsons creek o! i saw her recently(lol u wud think i saw her at agege or sumthing) i mean on TV o! and i was like shuoo!!!...she looked so much like vicky beckahm.she looked good..she's coming into her own....hmmm..good for her..ive always liked her forward or not!!!

love ur blog!

Cranberry said...

ARgh i dont forgive easy! she still has 3 more years of penance to go! a rich husband and an equally more talented stylist can defunk lil kim herself - so ms lucky katie (yes it is bitterness you sense) needs More time before she can win me over...right now...she still is little clueless katie from party of five...with designer clothes...BAH!