Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For the Love of Fashion...

I feel like separating Fashion design from this cruel cold world, honestly! I'm just very concerned about how trivial others see what I consider a lifestyle. It's very sickening and disheartening! Why does everything have to be so political and institutionalized and shady?!

I'm not even sure exactly what I'm ranting about by now but I just hate the state that I see in this clothing industry! It's horrible! The dubiousness is unbelievable! People lie to you and act like they are interested in what you have to offer but they are really looking out for themselves and nothing else! Others that got no business with Fashion and creativity are conducting Fashion events. Please, I'm sure some of you have fallen victim to those silly pervs who ask you to come model and then all they do is stare at you, lick their lips, ask you to strut your stuff and make you change publicly! I was totally appalled at some event where my models were getting ready in the dressing room and this cow had the nerve to say he was going to go in because he wanted them out asap! And we had like 30 minutes to do our thing eh?! Imagine the madness! This dude could not even keep his eyes off those girls when they came out. I really felt like having a convo with him afterwards to ask him what he knew about Fashion. Probably a dim-wit seeking some visual gratification. I think I'm feeling the same rage Jesus felt when He went into the temple and saw people trading there and treating it like nothing. Some people just don't get the point! If you are/were not called to be in the industry, PLEASE leave it for people who LOVE it, BREATHE it, EAT it, MAKE LOVE to it. Yes (How do you think I got my baby, DAV!D?) ;-)

Anyway, back to my ranting... And why on earth would a person ask me to fix their buttons when I tell them I am a FASHION DESIGNER? Why?! And why would you come to me and ask me to make you what YOU want? I AM NOT A TAILOR. I believe you have come to DAV!D because you like what DAV!D is all about. Gosh! To the extent that someone asked me to put their name on the sleeve of this chic top I designed for them! And the sleeves were baby sleeves too! What? You wanna look like a sophisticated meat-shop factory-worker? lol. O.K., O.K., I can forgive ignorance on behalf of customers.

On a more personal note, I recently began considering taking DAV!D one day at a time. It's not a final decision, but I'm really feeling like one simple step at a time will do the trick. I don't wanna get caught up in this web of madness. I know my designs are fabulous (and I know they'll get even better as I grow, bGg). That's why I just feel like I should focus on the love and passion for this Art and do it WELL (just how I want it to be done). I'm thinking of making DAV!D VERY EXCLUSIVE. You know, design personal and intricate pieces for my cherished customers and doing so at 'our' pace. Doing my photoshoots when I want and how I want (without any photographer asking my model to open her mouth so she can be sexy). I just want peace in this love life with DAV!D. I know some people may say "Well, that's how life is. If you want something, you gotta go out there and fight for it". Well maybe protecting your own is what I may have to do for now to be sane and so I can continue to feel the same high I do when I think about DAV!D. I don't want DAV!D to become "another clothing line". I don't want DAV!D getting drowned by all these crazy people that think MONEY is all there is to life.

My love for DAV!D is ecstatic. It's fulfilling. I'm not sure if I wanna ruin that. Maybe I'll just go get a job as a Planner/Urban Designer to sustain my bank account while doing DAV!D on the side. Or get married to a filthy rich guy that will take care of my finances so I can nurture DAV!D at my pace and do what I want. I do not know but I'm painfully in love with something. *Sigh*