Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project Runway Canada 2

So the much anticipated PR Canada II starts on Tuesday and I'm well excited! The show is months late but at this point, I don't even mind. At least it's not cancelled! Phew! 

I heard a Nigerian girl was in the show a long time ago and I'd been dying to find out who. Well here she is, Adejoke Taiwo. I wish I was the first to be on the show but I'm tres happy nonetheless. I hope she wins! You can watch her audition here as well...

Catch the show 22.00 ET, Tuesdays on GlobalTV. Let all the cutting and stabbing begin! Hehehe!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Firestarter, do you wanna set it off?!

I think this was the most interesting thing I did with DAVID after school. I worked on a couple costumes for a music video by the Kings of the Revolution! Yay! It was fun working for my friend, Bolaji Kekere-Ekun (or K-E-X as his own Sasha Fierce,lol) who is a film director in Los Angeles. I had to conceptualize, sketch, and send them to him for approval or rejection (the rejection part wasn't cool) ;-)The first scene which starts at 1.00 shows the 1st outfit. It was inspired by a fairy but one brought to life by a mad scientist in a frigid environment (who K-E-X played).

Conceptualization + Finished design

Tafero's scene came second at 1.50 and portrayed a gladiator and a goddess. That outfit was inspired by a scene Bolaji sent to me from the Matrix III.

I looovvveee this dress! x
The Sage's scene was great too! Mo Coco Ninalowo played the oracle in the video. She looked STUNNING in DAVID! And may I just add that nous Canadiennes were rawking the video! (Tafero, Mo and DAVID... Yessss....)
And here is the grand video. Quite deep, I must say. I especially LOVE the end! Great work Kings of the Revolution! ;-)

Erm, here's a pic of one of the countless times my finger got busted sewing the hemp rope into those beautiful spirals on Mo's bust. 

The things I do for love...Hmph!


Is Anyone Still Here?!?!

I hope so! Hello everybodayyy, I'm back!!! After being hounded by concerned folk, I have decided to blog again. I was M.I.A. for a while and didn't want to bore you all with gabs about everybody and everything else but DAVID. But I guess DAVID can share things that DAVID likes too right? So now I'll try and blog as often as I can!

Well, 2008 wasn't so boring after all. It ended on an amazing note. I was in London with the fam (and someone tell me why it so cold down there this time?! It even snowed! Eek!) I graduated from my undergrad; never went for the ceremony though. I did get a J-O-B last year. Yes, a full-time job but we won't go there. I worked on a couple things that I will talk as I blog more often (Can somebody say Firestarter?!) All in all, I am thankful for last year. It was the beginning of new and beautiful things to come! I hope everyone got into 2009 with great spirits and expectations. Okay, let's get to blogging...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009