Friday, December 7, 2007


I just ODd (overdosed) on Project Runway Season 4 and Project Runway Canada Season 1. For several reasons, I had no time to catch them on TV but I watched them religiously, back-to-back yesterday and today... Oh, and add some ANTM to that!

I feel quite sick having given so many opinions and seen so much creativity (and lack thereof). At the same time, I finally got inspiration for some salmon pink linen that has been sitting there for months... Let's see how this goes... *snapping some scissors*

My fave contestant. Totally LOVE him- Evan Biddell

Kisses overdose,

Sunday, December 2, 2007

All Sins Can be Forgiven... Truly

Who has been converted now???

It's Katie Holmes!!!
Like dang, she don't even play no more! I'm sure all of you remember her from that Creek show (lol, I know it's Dawson's Creek. Not a fan of those teen series). I feel like her fashion inner being has been RENEWED! She has been saved and sanctified aesthetically. All her fashion sins have been forgiven and she is now PURE, CLEAN CUT (even her hair do, imagine?), ALL THAT EXTRA BAGGAGE SHE USED TO CARRY HAS BEEN LIFTED OFF HER! Can I get an amen, somebody?! Please, see for yourselves people and tell me I'm truthing.



From Glam to Mamma to Chic, she's still getting it right. I'm impressed. Very impressed.
*nodding my head in approval*

DAV!D's 1st Magazine Debut! Woot woot!!!

134Elitz Magazine baby!!!

I'm really excited about this magazine because it's one of the hottest things coming out of Canada now (we all know Canadians are typically mellow and so are the Nigerians that come here).But this one is LIVE! And it belongs to my darlings of *insert city name here* (I don't want stalkers following them)! Anyway, they're doing big things and I'm so honored to be a part of it. They featured me as one of their designers for their debut *tear* (Why am I crying sef? They had no choice, I'm mean like that! lol)...

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you lot a sneak peek. Oooohhh!!! Don't you just love the suspense from those, lol ;-)

So that's Queenette rocking the Bubblegum dress by DAV!D. She NAILED it. I was SO impressed with the variety she was throwing at the lens! Also, the pix were shot by me (these photographers were tripping, that's why, lol). And you'll see WAY more good stuff in this first issue!
So please grab your copy for only $5 in mid-late December and visit their site for more info (currently in progress) and their blog,

GOD bless DAV!D, GOD bless YOU!
Massive Kisses!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

At the Whim (of my NOT wanting to write my paper)...

1. Isn't it irritatting when people ADD you on Facebook and then put you on their LIMITED profile list? Insane, I think. (But I can definitely take that back if someone offers a reasonable rebuttal)...

2. Call it attention-seeking but I hate being ignored! I'd rather have you tell me upfront that you don't wish to speak than to act like I'm not there. Gosh!
My mother would do that for days and I'd just keep repeating myself 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' And I'll say this to the power of infinity until something is done.

3. Why do some people act like school is all they live for? I'm sorry but if you're not an aspiring professor or researcher, then you are an aspiring loser to treat school like it's your life. Yes, I said it! *stick my tongue out to those in question*

4. Why is Keyshia Cole dressed like this? I have to honestly say I'm not really against it (I mean with a few touch-ups she can look like the true dime piece she's attempting to resemble)
BUT someone made this comment that got me dying!
Keee Keee NO!!! She looks like she’s waiting for someone to PET HER!!!!!
(Thanks Queen for raising the bar for my ebbed happiness right now!)

5. And PLEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE somebody tell me why there are no non-stop flights from Toronto to Lagos?! Damn Air Canada!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear DAV!D blog readers,

I really really wanna blog, believe me! I'm just soooo busy and I go on crazy guilt vacations when I try to post on here! As soon as I'm done for the semester (which is earlier than anyone I know in this world), I'll let go of those drafts waiting to be completed and published.

That's me tryna escape school work so I can hang with you COOL alley cats but the window no gree! Lol! (Photo courtesy of Smugmug)

Dying to do something I'm new at so you can be happy,

Friday, November 16, 2007

At the Whim!


1. Why do we humans call one another ugly but think all dogs are 'cuuutee'. In fact, the 'uglier' a dog, the more beautiful we think it is!

2. I can't understand why people are fascinated with the smell of their fart! (When I say 'they' I mean it. I've never farted or done any of that nastiness in my life, sorry!) They 'hate' gross smells but when that H2S that smells like rotten eggs, spoiled beans and decayed broccoli comes out the hole, they stop in their tracks (if they are walking or something) and just 'live in the moment'... Somebody help me!

3. Why do people eat Brussel's sprouts?! WHY?! The nastiness is unbearable!

4. Why can't the West live without coffee? I mean, what is so necessary about that drink?

AND LASTLY somebody tell me where 'dance' can be found in grinding?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

On a random, very understandable note...

EVERYTHING in my life is kicking my butt right now except my faith. I know a lotta you can relate to this; when things just get harder and more complicated. The more you try, the more you're tried *And I won't even sigh* I just need my 5 stones to get Goliath out my way. Be encouraged.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Which One Are You?: Shopping Habits Edition

I don't know if it's allowed in in English language to use the question mark right beside the colon, but I just did in that heading! Lol! So, I got the most dynamic and most beautiful sisters anyone could ever ask for. They are amazing and have been with me forever and now, it's time to put them on blast! (Sorry girls, you know what it is. I still love you all muchly *evil snickers*) I am going use them as my pivots for discussing SHOPPING HABITS today. YAYYYY!!!! I choose to start with the most abnormal one because I think she hasn't even realized HOW anomalous she is. LMAO!

If you shop A LOT but still never find anything to wear, OR if you find yourself returning stuff (or thinking about returning them) OR you're always hating what you've bought afterwards. Or if you have unworn clothes that your friends end up wearing for you after a year because they see you've got short term amnesia? Then you are not alone! Join the inDECISIVE DEZs. lol


(I can't possibly spell Anu's name in plural form or I'll be seen as vulgar iniit). So! These are the ones that just HATE shopping but LOVE to look nice! They can shop for anything but clothes. They hate to join queues to pay and don't even take them to Oxford street on Boxing day (speaking from experience). A woman that hates to stress it for her looks, I just can't quite fathom this. Anyway, if this is you, welcome!


Now, if you're a QQ, you're either straight up smart OR straight up stupid! I'll tell you why. You use shopping as your relief therapy for many things, especially being broke! lol This is nice if you know what you want so you just go for it without regrets. Butif you go shopping real quick after getting a few bucks and then become an inDECISIVE DEZ? Sorry for you! QQs also love the world's largest online market- EBAY! They target certain clothes and watch them religiously until 3 minutes to the end of bidding time then you see them acting like they're on crack! QQs' theme basically like Rich Boy is 'Get clothes, new clothes. It's what you been waiting on!' Gotta luv the QQs!

*Yawn* I know Mautin's gonna kill me for this but I don't know why people in this category tend to notice fads after they've
died down! MMs probably don't even know what's going on outside their immediate interests hence they just wear mundane stuff... Pretty much Sears-type people. Shopping with MMs takes a lot of convincing and reminding them that clothes look good on them and that sequins are actually not awkward but very pretty!

Hmmm... the title says it all! My cousin is someone I can always trust to NEVER find knock-offs in her wardrobe! The ease at which she buys labels and hands them over to you when you're with her can make you deceptive with yourself! lol So HMHs are the ones that just go straight to Selfridges because they know they can't be let down by Louis Vuitton and Versace. *Cough cough then sigh*

(Yes, I have to blow my horn because some of you don't know about me yet, lol). EEs are very efficient shoppers. If they go shopping and don't come back with amazing buys then something is wrong with the fashion/commercial system and never them! lol When my friends go shopping and say there was 'nothing in the stores' they also add 'but we don't know about you' because EEs always find diamond in the dirt! And most times, the diamond is at the price of dirt too! (I think that trait is courtesy of DAV!D =) ) I have walked out of Winners before with a huge bag containing 2 tops, 2 handbags, a blazer, 2 belts, a pair of shoes and receipt saying $85! Best believe, EEs are wikid shoppers!

I had to make a category for this one. He's such a killer when it comes to shopping!

I think this one's definitely an honorable mention considering he's a guy and where we came from. I've known him for about 7 years now. He has grown so much and frankly the day it dawned on me that we had our very own male Fashion Vanguard was one faithful summer I was visiting family in London. Shafiyi came from Geneva to say hi and of course went shopping. My mouth dropped when I went through his shopping bags! Gracious! Impeccable taste! And it was just EFFORTLESS. He's also a guy that can give women sincere Fashion advice without judging with too much testosterone! So you're a Sophistocrat Shafiyi when you can ALWAYS handle the heat of fashion and stay on top of your game regardless of what's popping around you!

Okay people, I'm done here. I'll still look out for more interesting personalities and share them with you all. Watch out because it might be you on here! Deuces!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For the Love of Fashion...

I feel like separating Fashion design from this cruel cold world, honestly! I'm just very concerned about how trivial others see what I consider a lifestyle. It's very sickening and disheartening! Why does everything have to be so political and institutionalized and shady?!

I'm not even sure exactly what I'm ranting about by now but I just hate the state that I see in this clothing industry! It's horrible! The dubiousness is unbelievable! People lie to you and act like they are interested in what you have to offer but they are really looking out for themselves and nothing else! Others that got no business with Fashion and creativity are conducting Fashion events. Please, I'm sure some of you have fallen victim to those silly pervs who ask you to come model and then all they do is stare at you, lick their lips, ask you to strut your stuff and make you change publicly! I was totally appalled at some event where my models were getting ready in the dressing room and this cow had the nerve to say he was going to go in because he wanted them out asap! And we had like 30 minutes to do our thing eh?! Imagine the madness! This dude could not even keep his eyes off those girls when they came out. I really felt like having a convo with him afterwards to ask him what he knew about Fashion. Probably a dim-wit seeking some visual gratification. I think I'm feeling the same rage Jesus felt when He went into the temple and saw people trading there and treating it like nothing. Some people just don't get the point! If you are/were not called to be in the industry, PLEASE leave it for people who LOVE it, BREATHE it, EAT it, MAKE LOVE to it. Yes (How do you think I got my baby, DAV!D?) ;-)

Anyway, back to my ranting... And why on earth would a person ask me to fix their buttons when I tell them I am a FASHION DESIGNER? Why?! And why would you come to me and ask me to make you what YOU want? I AM NOT A TAILOR. I believe you have come to DAV!D because you like what DAV!D is all about. Gosh! To the extent that someone asked me to put their name on the sleeve of this chic top I designed for them! And the sleeves were baby sleeves too! What? You wanna look like a sophisticated meat-shop factory-worker? lol. O.K., O.K., I can forgive ignorance on behalf of customers.

On a more personal note, I recently began considering taking DAV!D one day at a time. It's not a final decision, but I'm really feeling like one simple step at a time will do the trick. I don't wanna get caught up in this web of madness. I know my designs are fabulous (and I know they'll get even better as I grow, bGg). That's why I just feel like I should focus on the love and passion for this Art and do it WELL (just how I want it to be done). I'm thinking of making DAV!D VERY EXCLUSIVE. You know, design personal and intricate pieces for my cherished customers and doing so at 'our' pace. Doing my photoshoots when I want and how I want (without any photographer asking my model to open her mouth so she can be sexy). I just want peace in this love life with DAV!D. I know some people may say "Well, that's how life is. If you want something, you gotta go out there and fight for it". Well maybe protecting your own is what I may have to do for now to be sane and so I can continue to feel the same high I do when I think about DAV!D. I don't want DAV!D to become "another clothing line". I don't want DAV!D getting drowned by all these crazy people that think MONEY is all there is to life.

My love for DAV!D is ecstatic. It's fulfilling. I'm not sure if I wanna ruin that. Maybe I'll just go get a job as a Planner/Urban Designer to sustain my bank account while doing DAV!D on the side. Or get married to a filthy rich guy that will take care of my finances so I can nurture DAV!D at my pace and do what I want. I do not know but I'm painfully in love with something. *Sigh*

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dunno whether I'm just really excited to have a blog or I really do have a story!

I'm a little hungry and I'm feeling some jollof rice and grilled chicken but I'd rather be blogging than cooking right now! I don't like cooking so when i cook, it's special =) NOTTTT!!!

Donc, people have been asking me how the name DAV!D came about and I think it's high time I told everyone finally to reduce the number of times I explain. Guys are more dramatic when asking because they're just hoping it's not one man I'm seeing on the downlow, you know! lol Pretty much, they're like ''So 'who' is David?'' Imagine! HAHAHA!!! Girls are more like, 'So where did the name DAV!D come from?'' And I say, 'David from the Bible... I love him... He's my favorite xter', then someone goes, 'I knew it!'...
Yeah, I did name my line DAV!D because I do love who David is... Then again, what could I have called it? Though it all started one summer when I used to sketch clothes a lot. And I would do this listening to some wikid spiritual music. I just really wanted to learn a new way to worship God. And the the whole rut of devotion was not cutting it for me so I decided to sketch as my own form of worship... So you see, as David would sing and play the harp, so would I sketch and make clothes... I'm sure you get the point by now!

It's Dayveeeeiiiiiddddd!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DAV!D steps out: White & Denim Party

Okay guys, this is my first blog so bear with me. I'm better at expressing myself when I get real comfy with my audience but I dunno how this is gonna turn out so yeah!

So you know how you love something and want it in the future but you don't realize how much it's around you or in this case, in you? Yeah, that's what Fashion is to me. I guess I couldn't push it any further. I thought it would come sometime in the future but I didn't know that that future was NOW. And now, I wanna do this SO BAD (ofcourse I mean in April when I'm almost done Undergrad. Dyu want my mum to read this? lol). Don't get it twisted though, I LOVE Fashion design... It's something I'll never stop for the world. I'm just slowing it now for the sake of school (It's not like school's my fave thing but my mother is giving UW tens of thousands of dollars annually, I can't waste that!)...

Anyway, I'm just gonna share the story of my very first DAV!D outing. I was invited on Facebook to this white and denim party. Truth is, I never even knew the person that invited me personally (except that he was a York student who could give Kanye a run for his money with his dress sense) but I decided to go because of the theme. I checked out the pix for the event and pretty much, the clothes were just the generic Hip Hop/Pop-looking styles that everyone is wearing now; high-waisted pants, denim shorts with suspenders, cat suits, etc. So that got me thinking, how can we wear denim different? So I started scheming. Me and my 2 friends were walking to the grocery store and I began to share my ideas with them; ''Let's do dresses, sailor-skirts, long faded backless loosely-fit denim dresses with lacy shrugs, etc.''. I was digging the ideas and then I got serious about the event. The catch here was, we'd go for the party ONLY if we wore DAV!D.

Later on, we went fabric shopping. Oh my, the most fabric I had ever seen in my life! Rolls upon rolls!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store but I could not start running around (not because it was gonna look immature, I was just tired and worried about a whole bunch of stuff otherwise best believe I would!) We eventually found what we wanted after about 1.5 hours and went home. Then I got to measurements and cutting. See, the last time I did this, I was definitely younger than 9 yrs and I did it with paper. I had never sewn anything from scratch. But it all started coming together as I was sewing even though I was a novice. For instance, no one taught me that when you were dealing with curved patterns, you snip little bits of the excesses so there's less tension on the fabric. I figured it out after crying. I believe my Guide taught me that plus much more!

On the d-day, I was still sewing and had gotten very little done at 9.30pm when I was supposed to be there at 11.30pm. And if you know me well, I'd tell you I'm almost done just to stay positive. At midnight, I decided Queenette's skirt was not really what I wanted so we started to make drastic changes! The style we had was not DAV!D, I got it from this Fashion book I bought earlier. I just felt like, why would the model herself not wear DAV!D? It just did not add up. So we ripped this baby and started recreating a masterpiece (which was my fave of the night if I may add). By 3am, we were done with the three skirts. Thanks to UltraBond for reducing the number of stitches we had to do! We got to the lounge at 330 and ofcourse, the thing was done. But we were FASHIONABLY late! This girl stopped her car and asked for pictures and contacts so she could work with DAV!D sometime on a photoshoot. We got mad stares and people asking questions about where we got the clothes. Shoot! If only they knew! If you're my Facebook friend, you probably have seen the skirts enough times in my album. Regardless, that was the beginning of my DAV!D journey. And I ain't gonna stop just now.

And to Sean, I still do apologize for showing up SO late even after you put me and my friends on the guest list. Lol. Next time, we'll be on time and ON POINT!

It's DAV!D, DAV!D, DAV!D !!!