Friday, November 16, 2007

At the Whim!


1. Why do we humans call one another ugly but think all dogs are 'cuuutee'. In fact, the 'uglier' a dog, the more beautiful we think it is!

2. I can't understand why people are fascinated with the smell of their fart! (When I say 'they' I mean it. I've never farted or done any of that nastiness in my life, sorry!) They 'hate' gross smells but when that H2S that smells like rotten eggs, spoiled beans and decayed broccoli comes out the hole, they stop in their tracks (if they are walking or something) and just 'live in the moment'... Somebody help me!

3. Why do people eat Brussel's sprouts?! WHY?! The nastiness is unbearable!

4. Why can't the West live without coffee? I mean, what is so necessary about that drink?

AND LASTLY somebody tell me where 'dance' can be found in grinding?


AnuBaby said...

Haha Eniola. You are way too funny. Yeah, I don't get the cuteness of dogs either, for reasons best known to those who know me.

And David, brussel sprouts are gross. But David, you need to start eating some more Broccoli.

Coffee is necessary sometimes. THOUGH it colours your teeth so you gotta be careful with it!

Grinding! Oh tell me about it... But question for you David, would you grind on your wedding day?

Lots of Love from K-TOWN! Lol

DAVID said...

Would I grind on my wedding day? Yes.
Would I grind to get everyone else turned on? No.
I'd rather not either way though because I'd rather be looking into his eyes, get me? lol

Azumi♥ said...

hahaha . . . I sooo feel you on the grinding thing . . . . I think it's simply disgusting!!!

tolu f. said...

i second that it can be annoying especially when its some random guy that u just met on the dance floor. You what is more annoying is when those guys just come up behind when u r dancing and they expect u to start grinding with them. Thats just eeewww!!!

ose I said...

about the one about no ugly dogsss....yoooo people go n look at 2007 guniess book of worlds recordd...der is dis dogg..n he has been holding down his ugly title for like eight fact here is d link

lumense said...

i dont kno wer my comment went bout the dog being cutee..but there is dis doggg....from guniess world record 2007...ahh..i msut share dis one oo...its so has been holdin his title for eight years...
yoo..see d is well

Benny said...

Eni... America needs to run on coffee, if you dont like coffee too bad, some folks dont like tea. Brussel sprouts are very good and actually quite nutritious, you're coming from Nigeria so that would why you may dislike it. You are not accustomed to it. Dogs are beautiful, period.

DAVID said...

Benny, those are just my opinions and inquiries; don't get too personal aiight?