Monday, August 24, 2009

The Afropolitan Collection

I'm back blogging for the meantime as I am working on my most exciting project yet! First, I'll start by apologizing for leaving so rudely, I'll be more civil next time.

Right now I'm working on my Afropolitan Collection which will be released by late November, and will have some pieces on sale afterwards! *cartwheels*

This collection is inspired by the Afropolitans who Taiye Tuakli-Worsornu describes as:
"the newest generation of African emigrants, in the industrialised world. You'll
know them by a funny blend of London fashion, New York jargon, African ethics and academic success.
If nothing else, the Afropolitan knows that nothing is neatly black or white; that to 'be' anything is a matter of being sure of who you are uniquely."
(Read the rest here).

For me, the afropolitan woman is sophisticated, fun, conscious, strong, intelligent and unique! She knows what she wants and achieves her goals in life. There is some mystery to her as she always represents her African heritage in an unprecedented yet highly admirable way.

This collection does not only refer to the person who is of African descent, but to anyone who can relate to this successful multi-dimensional virtue. For a while, I have been trying to come up with images that convey compelling images of the afropolitan however, I believe the ultimate high will be in the final collection *goosebumps and faster heart rate*. These are some of my images I have come up with...

A series of pix I took a couple weeks ago... Shot by Ify Olu and directed by me.

Random shots I've taken of myself.

Ankara book covers made by 12-year old Debbie Madueke...
Sterre sunbathing in her dashiki-esque head wrap... I love!
I understand that fabric isn't the only representation of the afropolitan much less ankara. However this collection will feature mainly this material for reasons I'll explain later. For now I'm just letting the ankara whisk me into the land of inspirationo! Afropolitan coming through...