Thursday, November 29, 2007

At the Whim (of my NOT wanting to write my paper)...

1. Isn't it irritatting when people ADD you on Facebook and then put you on their LIMITED profile list? Insane, I think. (But I can definitely take that back if someone offers a reasonable rebuttal)...

2. Call it attention-seeking but I hate being ignored! I'd rather have you tell me upfront that you don't wish to speak than to act like I'm not there. Gosh!
My mother would do that for days and I'd just keep repeating myself 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' And I'll say this to the power of infinity until something is done.

3. Why do some people act like school is all they live for? I'm sorry but if you're not an aspiring professor or researcher, then you are an aspiring loser to treat school like it's your life. Yes, I said it! *stick my tongue out to those in question*

4. Why is Keyshia Cole dressed like this? I have to honestly say I'm not really against it (I mean with a few touch-ups she can look like the true dime piece she's attempting to resemble)
BUT someone made this comment that got me dying!
Keee Keee NO!!! She looks like she’s waiting for someone to PET HER!!!!!
(Thanks Queen for raising the bar for my ebbed happiness right now!)

5. And PLEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE somebody tell me why there are no non-stop flights from Toronto to Lagos?! Damn Air Canada!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear DAV!D blog readers,

I really really wanna blog, believe me! I'm just soooo busy and I go on crazy guilt vacations when I try to post on here! As soon as I'm done for the semester (which is earlier than anyone I know in this world), I'll let go of those drafts waiting to be completed and published.

That's me tryna escape school work so I can hang with you COOL alley cats but the window no gree! Lol! (Photo courtesy of Smugmug)

Dying to do something I'm new at so you can be happy,

Friday, November 16, 2007

At the Whim!


1. Why do we humans call one another ugly but think all dogs are 'cuuutee'. In fact, the 'uglier' a dog, the more beautiful we think it is!

2. I can't understand why people are fascinated with the smell of their fart! (When I say 'they' I mean it. I've never farted or done any of that nastiness in my life, sorry!) They 'hate' gross smells but when that H2S that smells like rotten eggs, spoiled beans and decayed broccoli comes out the hole, they stop in their tracks (if they are walking or something) and just 'live in the moment'... Somebody help me!

3. Why do people eat Brussel's sprouts?! WHY?! The nastiness is unbearable!

4. Why can't the West live without coffee? I mean, what is so necessary about that drink?

AND LASTLY somebody tell me where 'dance' can be found in grinding?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

On a random, very understandable note...

EVERYTHING in my life is kicking my butt right now except my faith. I know a lotta you can relate to this; when things just get harder and more complicated. The more you try, the more you're tried *And I won't even sigh* I just need my 5 stones to get Goliath out my way. Be encouraged.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Which One Are You?: Shopping Habits Edition

I don't know if it's allowed in in English language to use the question mark right beside the colon, but I just did in that heading! Lol! So, I got the most dynamic and most beautiful sisters anyone could ever ask for. They are amazing and have been with me forever and now, it's time to put them on blast! (Sorry girls, you know what it is. I still love you all muchly *evil snickers*) I am going use them as my pivots for discussing SHOPPING HABITS today. YAYYYY!!!! I choose to start with the most abnormal one because I think she hasn't even realized HOW anomalous she is. LMAO!

If you shop A LOT but still never find anything to wear, OR if you find yourself returning stuff (or thinking about returning them) OR you're always hating what you've bought afterwards. Or if you have unworn clothes that your friends end up wearing for you after a year because they see you've got short term amnesia? Then you are not alone! Join the inDECISIVE DEZs. lol


(I can't possibly spell Anu's name in plural form or I'll be seen as vulgar iniit). So! These are the ones that just HATE shopping but LOVE to look nice! They can shop for anything but clothes. They hate to join queues to pay and don't even take them to Oxford street on Boxing day (speaking from experience). A woman that hates to stress it for her looks, I just can't quite fathom this. Anyway, if this is you, welcome!


Now, if you're a QQ, you're either straight up smart OR straight up stupid! I'll tell you why. You use shopping as your relief therapy for many things, especially being broke! lol This is nice if you know what you want so you just go for it without regrets. Butif you go shopping real quick after getting a few bucks and then become an inDECISIVE DEZ? Sorry for you! QQs also love the world's largest online market- EBAY! They target certain clothes and watch them religiously until 3 minutes to the end of bidding time then you see them acting like they're on crack! QQs' theme basically like Rich Boy is 'Get clothes, new clothes. It's what you been waiting on!' Gotta luv the QQs!

*Yawn* I know Mautin's gonna kill me for this but I don't know why people in this category tend to notice fads after they've
died down! MMs probably don't even know what's going on outside their immediate interests hence they just wear mundane stuff... Pretty much Sears-type people. Shopping with MMs takes a lot of convincing and reminding them that clothes look good on them and that sequins are actually not awkward but very pretty!

Hmmm... the title says it all! My cousin is someone I can always trust to NEVER find knock-offs in her wardrobe! The ease at which she buys labels and hands them over to you when you're with her can make you deceptive with yourself! lol So HMHs are the ones that just go straight to Selfridges because they know they can't be let down by Louis Vuitton and Versace. *Cough cough then sigh*

(Yes, I have to blow my horn because some of you don't know about me yet, lol). EEs are very efficient shoppers. If they go shopping and don't come back with amazing buys then something is wrong with the fashion/commercial system and never them! lol When my friends go shopping and say there was 'nothing in the stores' they also add 'but we don't know about you' because EEs always find diamond in the dirt! And most times, the diamond is at the price of dirt too! (I think that trait is courtesy of DAV!D =) ) I have walked out of Winners before with a huge bag containing 2 tops, 2 handbags, a blazer, 2 belts, a pair of shoes and receipt saying $85! Best believe, EEs are wikid shoppers!

I had to make a category for this one. He's such a killer when it comes to shopping!

I think this one's definitely an honorable mention considering he's a guy and where we came from. I've known him for about 7 years now. He has grown so much and frankly the day it dawned on me that we had our very own male Fashion Vanguard was one faithful summer I was visiting family in London. Shafiyi came from Geneva to say hi and of course went shopping. My mouth dropped when I went through his shopping bags! Gracious! Impeccable taste! And it was just EFFORTLESS. He's also a guy that can give women sincere Fashion advice without judging with too much testosterone! So you're a Sophistocrat Shafiyi when you can ALWAYS handle the heat of fashion and stay on top of your game regardless of what's popping around you!

Okay people, I'm done here. I'll still look out for more interesting personalities and share them with you all. Watch out because it might be you on here! Deuces!