Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As you can tell...

... I can now use colour on my blog! 

Therefore I will make this post one heckuvah rainbow!

Actually, I'm going back to work now. 
(Thank you to those who tried to show me how and to the one that succeeded)

It's Dayvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiddddd!!!! lol

Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I've e-collected along the way...

1. Someone recommended this blog Stuff White People Like to me. HILARIOUS! I mean, it's even funnier to me because I find that white people don't make jest of themselves as much! Truly your sides will definitely ache from this one! Here's one of my fave posts on the blog. Kudos to the author.
DISCLAIMER: I haven't read the entire blog but I assume it's not racist from the few posts I've gone through. If you feel otherwise and can prove it, I'll take it down. Thank you.

2. The web site for FashionAfrica is officially out! WHAT! It is REALLY nice, as in, REALLY REALLY hot! And it's not just the layout. It really does have content; designer, artist and model profiles, events, what not? Just dope! The ingenious mind behind this movement be doing big thangz! Again Dammie, marry me! How many times do I have to propose?

3. I have had the bestest-worstest weekend ever! And I have eaten enough fried plantains to feed an army. I am wrapping up my new collection. 15 unforgettable pieces and some for plus sized too. Nigerian traditional wear is SO not boring, thank you!

I love you all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kiss Kiss

So inspired by this bad girl! I love her =) Chanel Hydrabase Crème Lipstick 18- Rouge Noir. Got one for myself by ALL means. Even though I paid more for it 'cause I purchased it in Euros. It's soft on the lips. Does not form that messy line when you talk or chew, does not dry the lips and ultimately looks FA-BU-LOUS! *I feel like Oprah when she endorses toothpicks*

On the other hand, DAV!D is among the designers showing at the Howard University African Students Association Fashion Show!!! Nya Nytsee!!! (or The Return)... I'm looking forward to it! It's a LIE. I"M FRIGGIN' excited!!! Arrrrrggggghhhh!!! Okay, before I lose my marbles...

You probably won't see much of me until I get my whole shebang completed for the show *why do I have a familiar feeling that I'll do the contrary?* I have a crapload of finishings to do! God help me so I don't end up taking the mickey like Wayne who won Project Catwalk II. He still won regardless. My fave 3 were in the top 3 and my fave PR Canada contestant ended up winning. Am I psychic?

Anyhizzle, it's Vals day today. I wanted to stay away from the color red just because, you know... Alas, my wardrobe has only red to offer me! =( I just hope I don't look too generic. Oh yeah on that note, happy Valentines day! I know for sure that I love my DAV!D fans and supporters! *kiss emoticon* My prayer for you is that you love God, yourselves and others that it may be well with you all!

Love + Peace,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Omg! I'm famouuusssss!!!

I wish! lol But this is fun though, you should try it. Submit your pic to LouLou Magazine website. (Go to Share > Street Styling then scroll down beneath the pix. Do whatever you're asked) and wait for 20 years to see your pic amongst MANY other women, lol!

Truth is, there are not many lookers on there but I did it 'cause I can and here's my bit. I lied about my fave stores *blink blink* because it's a Canadian site iniit?! Haha! AND they cropped out my shoes, but here's a full pic:

Then I went to this NaijaFashionFreak blog that Bella recommended and it was nothing short of fun! Honestly, she had me laughing with her crits about some fashion faux pas! I did not agree with all her opinions but she definitely had a point of view which I respect. It's even more fun because she talks about Nigerians. Strictly. lol Very cool blog!

Yeah, Valentine's day is round the corner and it doesn't even feel like it!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

DAV!D's 1st Magazine Feature

The 134Elitz magazine that DAV!D debuts in!

After clicking on the link below, scroll down to almost halfway through the page and you'll see my big hair, lol.

Click here NOW!

So yeah, I thank God for DAV!D. And thanks Queenie for rawking the shoot =)