Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Usually Leave My Traumatizing Tales for Facebook but...

...I almost died last night! I was laying on my couch, laptop on my tummy, probably catching up on theybf.com then suddenly! A FETCHING BUG FELL THROUGH THE VENT!!! Then came a relatively loud sound from the fall and then it scampered its way beneath the cushion VIA MY ELBOW! 


If you know me, you'll know that I'm usually animated. I dunno what I must've looked or sounded  like screaming and flying off that couch in a microsecond! I think this is the bug but I'm not sure 'cause this one looks wayyyy smaller and redder! The one that dropped on me was greyyy and as big as my pinky finger. 

It's almost 24 hours since it happened and I haven't smelt my couch! Now, I will say no to sitting near vents! Just what I needed to add to my 10-item phobia list. ;-(

After flushing this intruder down the toilet where it'll NEVER return, I'm reading that the thing is harmless. Sorry. 

Image from http://www.diller.ca/images/eek.png

Still Traumatized!