Friday, May 16, 2008

It's been a long time... I shouldn't have left you!

The average blogger-cliche = 'Sorry I've been really busy and that's why I haven't blogged' 
My excuse? None to be said. I just apologize! It's actually easier to just stay blogging than to vacay on your readers and come back begging. God help us! 

Okay, there is a crap load to talk about on here and I'm not sure where to begin... 

  • The freshest one yet is I just did a Project Catwalk Season 3 marathon! (currently 451am) All episodes in one stretch! Oh lawddd!!! I was aching for Jasper to win anyways OR Ross. Those were the bad boys of the season. Jasper was just pure genius from scratch, so he won unsurprisingly! Ross didn't make it to the top three (or free as my Brits say it) but he had some deep architectural influences running through his veins. The runner up Miss Chelsea Oliver was also pretty good. She's only my age and she sews up a storm! I have to say this season had wayyy more talent than the last. The previous one sucked major! And to add to that, Jasper and Chelsea are Canadians!!! Yayyy!!! Nous Canadiennes 'rock'! *cheesing*
  • BLUE STREAKS. Guess who's rocking blue hues in their hair?
I know it's kinda stale at the moment but  it's Marc Jacobs! Pretty much the most notorious and one of the most creative contemporary designers! The current brain behind Louis Vuitton definitely looks younger and reminds me of....

You got that right>>> DAV!D
Heck yeah! I'm digging that on Dave too!
(Oh and Marc and I have also got the same ear-piercing arrangements! heehee)

  • Then there is my current obsession with the Food Network. My next collection will probably look as interesting as curly parsley leaves, raw as rare steak and tasty as gruyere cheese! 
As a matter of fact, I have crushes on Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay! And to think Mr. Ramsay was in town and I didn't go see him is ridiculous! The things I don't do sometimes! For real, a man that can throw down is definitely a PLUS for me. So yeah, we'll be making more references to Food Network because that ain't ever going nowhere!!! 

I'm not aiming to be a chef or anything but I'm learning a true appreciation for good food. I'd LOVE to go on a food tour some time in my life and I think my 1st stop would be Chicago, IL. I hear they got great food there. You see, it's not really about the 200-star restaurants but really the soul behind the food. So I can go to NY to look for the best street-hot dogs ever and still go to Japan to have the best sushi. It's all in good faith. I even got this little hypothesis I'm working on that:
Good Food+ Good Music+ Good Friends= Good Life
So next time I say ''Welcome to the good life'', you know exactly what I mean. =)
I have to upload pix soon of some things Food Channel has taught us with regards to plating, flavours, creativity, and just basically the art of eating. Yes, eating is an art and thankfully one we can ALL enjoy! 
  • So good music... I've been listening to Kirk Franklin's new album for about 2 weeks now. AWESOME. Dude is BLESSED! Nigerian music is the business right now especially Wande Coal, 9ice and Asa (pronounced Asha). So if you're craving Nigerian music, GidiLounge is the new hang-out spot.
I guess that's the round up for now. I'll come back with more as soon as I can articulate my thoughts (I don't know who asked me to take this hiatus).