Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alright, this is what it is...

I am temporarily off official DAVID matters for now. I'm just trying to finish this undergrad with some grace. It was a tough choice to make but I'm glad I finally made a decision, you know. I've got only a few months left for my undergrad but my entire life to work on DAVID.

BUT this isn't any goodbye. I hate goodbyes (except to bad rubbish)! I'll just probably not be posting a lot of DAVID related stuff for a while. I was also meant to put some really gorgeous accessories that were supposed to be hand-made by me but I guess that'll be my return gift to you all.

So hopefully I'll still be blogging almost not as weirdly as I have been doing lately. *We'll keep our fingers crossed for this one, hehe*

Thanks for all the support and love you DAVID-lovers have shown! You guys are truly the best!!!

Yours truly,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I did it again...

I will blog tomorrow. I realize people miss me (and I miss you all too). There's so much to talk about, yet nothing. We'll see how it goes after I hand in my paper. Me love those who love David!

Loads of kisses,

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's been a long time... I shouldn't have left you!

The average blogger-cliche = 'Sorry I've been really busy and that's why I haven't blogged' 
My excuse? None to be said. I just apologize! It's actually easier to just stay blogging than to vacay on your readers and come back begging. God help us! 

Okay, there is a crap load to talk about on here and I'm not sure where to begin... 

  • The freshest one yet is I just did a Project Catwalk Season 3 marathon! (currently 451am) All episodes in one stretch! Oh lawddd!!! I was aching for Jasper to win anyways OR Ross. Those were the bad boys of the season. Jasper was just pure genius from scratch, so he won unsurprisingly! Ross didn't make it to the top three (or free as my Brits say it) but he had some deep architectural influences running through his veins. The runner up Miss Chelsea Oliver was also pretty good. She's only my age and she sews up a storm! I have to say this season had wayyy more talent than the last. The previous one sucked major! And to add to that, Jasper and Chelsea are Canadians!!! Yayyy!!! Nous Canadiennes 'rock'! *cheesing*
  • BLUE STREAKS. Guess who's rocking blue hues in their hair?
I know it's kinda stale at the moment but  it's Marc Jacobs! Pretty much the most notorious and one of the most creative contemporary designers! The current brain behind Louis Vuitton definitely looks younger and reminds me of....

You got that right>>> DAV!D
Heck yeah! I'm digging that on Dave too!
(Oh and Marc and I have also got the same ear-piercing arrangements! heehee)

  • Then there is my current obsession with the Food Network. My next collection will probably look as interesting as curly parsley leaves, raw as rare steak and tasty as gruyere cheese! 
As a matter of fact, I have crushes on Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay! And to think Mr. Ramsay was in town and I didn't go see him is ridiculous! The things I don't do sometimes! For real, a man that can throw down is definitely a PLUS for me. So yeah, we'll be making more references to Food Network because that ain't ever going nowhere!!! 

I'm not aiming to be a chef or anything but I'm learning a true appreciation for good food. I'd LOVE to go on a food tour some time in my life and I think my 1st stop would be Chicago, IL. I hear they got great food there. You see, it's not really about the 200-star restaurants but really the soul behind the food. So I can go to NY to look for the best street-hot dogs ever and still go to Japan to have the best sushi. It's all in good faith. I even got this little hypothesis I'm working on that:
Good Food+ Good Music+ Good Friends= Good Life
So next time I say ''Welcome to the good life'', you know exactly what I mean. =)
I have to upload pix soon of some things Food Channel has taught us with regards to plating, flavours, creativity, and just basically the art of eating. Yes, eating is an art and thankfully one we can ALL enjoy! 
  • So good music... I've been listening to Kirk Franklin's new album for about 2 weeks now. AWESOME. Dude is BLESSED! Nigerian music is the business right now especially Wande Coal, 9ice and Asa (pronounced Asha). So if you're craving Nigerian music, GidiLounge is the new hang-out spot.
I guess that's the round up for now. I'll come back with more as soon as I can articulate my thoughts (I don't know who asked me to take this hiatus).


Friday, April 18, 2008

I haven't abandoned my blog...

Please bear with me. Dave will be right back!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Why is it that many creative minds, especially fashionistas, cannot concentrate on one thing for long??? It's as if they have ADD or something! It's funny but sooo common! I was just talking to one who I called multi-talented because he sings, raps, makes films, writes and dresses dapper! But he responded with 'lack of concentration'! In fact, there is one (currently trying to incorporate 100 necklines into 1 flapper dress) in my living room right now. lol

I won't even start pointing fingers here because I am very much easily distracted too. I find it challenging to focus on one thing. What's ironic though, is I need distraction to focus! Yes, I need to refuse distraction literally otherwise I'll go looking for it. Is it a bad thing though? I think not! It does help some stay sane. Imagine if you had only a handful of things you wanted to do? Fewer options, less opportunities to adventure, less RISKS, low adrenaline levels? No FUN! Besides life isn't an exact science like Math, it's way more unpredictable just like the artsy mind is. And truly, that's the beauty of life. So for all larger-than-life, aesthetically inclined, fun-loving, whimsical-minded folks out there, rock on! We run this!

On another note, a DAV!D appreciator made a beautiful slideshow and I'd like to share! The video is so pretty, like a movie trailer indeed =).  His name is Zach O. Check some of his work here... Another multi-talented fella!

Have a happy, happy easter!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Because I'd love to know how she's aged in a different direction from most of her JCrew and Naturalizer peers...

I mean, there is something more to this woman's look than meets the eye. The personality within screams louder than the clothes. Yes! Her look is nothing short of interesting; starting from the conspicuous colors, to the overdone mixture of different patterns (I say her jacket looks like the curtains we had when I was 3), to the blue lox...
...BUT look at her pursed lips... It's like something calmingly-witty is going through her head. It does seem like she's cognizant and also very in sync with herself (observe the way she clutches that umbrella or whatever it is... very assuring!) Ironically, when she expresses it, it only translates as the opposite, hence the masquerade-esque appearance!
The image was lifted from the
Sart btw...

I've also been thinking; if I keep my blue tresses, will they look like hers when I'm her age?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My 1st Collection... (I hate Firefox)

I need to make a DAVID lookbook so everyone can have instant access to stuff I've made. Anyway, here is my very first collection. Some clothes were about to turn me into an overnight couturier. Others got me kicking and crying for earth to just swallow me! But I have to say that I can look back in retrospect, smile and say, 'It was good...'

The Denims:

The GQ Mac Collection:

The Extras:

The Designer + 6'5'' tall model!

Okay, she's 5'11'' + 6" inch heels! Dang!

So, there you go people! Thanks for all the support & love! =)
Thanks again Queen for rawking the shoot!

Yours truly,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally we can see DAV!D at the HUASA Show 2008!

Inspired by various things, this collection, Rouge Noir (named after the Chanel lipstick that I love so much now), is eclectic with different kinds of fabrics and textures to represent the richness in individualities, talents, looks of Africans, especially those in the diaspora.

I usually go from design to fabric but this time I reversed the process to see where it'll lead me. And where to? I feel like I was led to a place of 'power, determination and inherent royalty'.

I even took on a bigger challenge to go for deeper and duller prints as opposed to the bright and vibrant colors everywhere, so I could push my design buttons even more. Even with all the distracting Java and Woodin prints out there, I thought I'd focus more on what I'm here for- creating innovative, timeless pieces.

To say I have no regrets at all with this collection would be a litote. Rather, I LOVE this collection with ALL my heart! I only would have wished for impeccable sartorial skills so that those kick-ass drawings in my sketchbook would have been a reality for sure. I can only hope that I'll be sewing as good as Todd Lynn one day; that would be the DAY!

That being said, I put a slideshow of the collection below so I don't have to upload too many pix on here. Let me know your favorite looks. Enjoy!

PS:I haven't spoken to my mum since the show and I feel terrible. She's DAV!D's biggest fan! =(

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As you can tell...

... I can now use colour on my blog! 

Therefore I will make this post one heckuvah rainbow!

Actually, I'm going back to work now. 
(Thank you to those who tried to show me how and to the one that succeeded)

It's Dayvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiddddd!!!! lol

Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I've e-collected along the way...

1. Someone recommended this blog Stuff White People Like to me. HILARIOUS! I mean, it's even funnier to me because I find that white people don't make jest of themselves as much! Truly your sides will definitely ache from this one! Here's one of my fave posts on the blog. Kudos to the author.
DISCLAIMER: I haven't read the entire blog but I assume it's not racist from the few posts I've gone through. If you feel otherwise and can prove it, I'll take it down. Thank you.

2. The web site for FashionAfrica is officially out! WHAT! It is REALLY nice, as in, REALLY REALLY hot! And it's not just the layout. It really does have content; designer, artist and model profiles, events, what not? Just dope! The ingenious mind behind this movement be doing big thangz! Again Dammie, marry me! How many times do I have to propose?

3. I have had the bestest-worstest weekend ever! And I have eaten enough fried plantains to feed an army. I am wrapping up my new collection. 15 unforgettable pieces and some for plus sized too. Nigerian traditional wear is SO not boring, thank you!

I love you all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kiss Kiss

So inspired by this bad girl! I love her =) Chanel Hydrabase Crème Lipstick 18- Rouge Noir. Got one for myself by ALL means. Even though I paid more for it 'cause I purchased it in Euros. It's soft on the lips. Does not form that messy line when you talk or chew, does not dry the lips and ultimately looks FA-BU-LOUS! *I feel like Oprah when she endorses toothpicks*

On the other hand, DAV!D is among the designers showing at the Howard University African Students Association Fashion Show!!! Nya Nytsee!!! (or The Return)... I'm looking forward to it! It's a LIE. I"M FRIGGIN' excited!!! Arrrrrggggghhhh!!! Okay, before I lose my marbles...

You probably won't see much of me until I get my whole shebang completed for the show *why do I have a familiar feeling that I'll do the contrary?* I have a crapload of finishings to do! God help me so I don't end up taking the mickey like Wayne who won Project Catwalk II. He still won regardless. My fave 3 were in the top 3 and my fave PR Canada contestant ended up winning. Am I psychic?

Anyhizzle, it's Vals day today. I wanted to stay away from the color red just because, you know... Alas, my wardrobe has only red to offer me! =( I just hope I don't look too generic. Oh yeah on that note, happy Valentines day! I know for sure that I love my DAV!D fans and supporters! *kiss emoticon* My prayer for you is that you love God, yourselves and others that it may be well with you all!

Love + Peace,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Omg! I'm famouuusssss!!!

I wish! lol But this is fun though, you should try it. Submit your pic to LouLou Magazine website. (Go to Share > Street Styling then scroll down beneath the pix. Do whatever you're asked) and wait for 20 years to see your pic amongst MANY other women, lol!

Truth is, there are not many lookers on there but I did it 'cause I can and here's my bit. I lied about my fave stores *blink blink* because it's a Canadian site iniit?! Haha! AND they cropped out my shoes, but here's a full pic:

Then I went to this NaijaFashionFreak blog that Bella recommended and it was nothing short of fun! Honestly, she had me laughing with her crits about some fashion faux pas! I did not agree with all her opinions but she definitely had a point of view which I respect. It's even more fun because she talks about Nigerians. Strictly. lol Very cool blog!

Yeah, Valentine's day is round the corner and it doesn't even feel like it!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

DAV!D's 1st Magazine Feature

The 134Elitz magazine that DAV!D debuts in!

After clicking on the link below, scroll down to almost halfway through the page and you'll see my big hair, lol.

Click here NOW!

So yeah, I thank God for DAV!D. And thanks Queenie for rawking the shoot =)


Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Shamefully Admit...

Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to add colors and triple/quadruple font sizes on my blog?
After frustrating attempts, yes, I hang my head in shame. I don't know how to do it.

This is Eniola now and not DAV!D, thank you.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

***Wedding Fever***

I find it very interesting that society is totally okay with you meeting this guy or girl and saying you want to spend the rest of your life with them! This strange union is called marriage (possibly another of life's many scams), but the idea works! The whole situation got me pensive someday when I thought of how people move from one continent to another because they are in love. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against it. It's just a little...a little... weird (at least from this perspective!)

So Nigeria was like a wedding ground this Christmas. I mean, one hundred weddings every weekend (not that I attended them all) or one Introduction or the other... Actually my aunty had one at my house and WHAT CAN I SAY???!!! It was L-I-V-E! As in, the marriage proposal was a golden scroll (neat eh?) And you pretty much had to make it rain on the drummers every time they hit that talking drum. Then there was the MC that just had a sugar-coated tongue. Like she could make you spray yourself by accident! lol And there was the food. Hmm, Yoruba people don't play. People from Ibadan wanted their amala and those from Ekiti wanted their own food. It was worth it in the end though!

Then my cousin also got married. *Very emotional moment for me here*...She was the 1st child in our generation to get married. It was happiness all the way! (*cough cough* Pix on Facebook)... And so much talk about weddings this holiday, it was crazy!

Meanwhile, my new wedding icon is Grace Ormonde. She is the Editor-In-Chief of Wedding Style magazine. Gracious! This mag will make you want to get married! lol Apart from the lush and heavenly settings and the REALLY good-looking men, some bridal styles got my attention. I thought they were very innovative and outside-the-boxish, lol...

1. Victorio and Lucchino - What can I say... Amazing Veil!
2. Raimon Bundo- Pure art. Who says your dress must be all white?
3. Manuel Mota for Pronovias- *chants Haaalleluyah!*

Now question, what colours do you intend to wear to your wedding?


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Happy new year everyone!!! It's been over a month, I know, I know. And I apologize.
So MUCH has happened since then. The good, the bad and the ugly. I want to blog about everything in depth but I refuse to bore all you lovely folks who read this blog.

I guess the most significant thing is that I went to Nigeria for Christmas and New Year's... It was bluddy eventful and a wonderful mix of emotions, feelings and thoughts. The most amazing things happened, like me meeting Emmy Collins (the only male Nigerian designer I'm psyched about other than the Okunoren twins), he's as cool as his creations... Best believe!
And as for the Nigerian fashion scene? Hmm... Lemme just say too few risk-takers, too many followers. I won't go on but we will get there. I believe so.

What else??? Yeah, I wanted to kill Lagos drivers. They drive on side-walks, honk at every opportunity and don't understand what right of way is. I actually always forgot to make my mini placards saying 'YOU'RE VERY ANNOYING' 'OBEY TRAFFIC RULES, YOU MUMU!' 'DO NOT EVEN TOUCH THIS CAR'... One day it was so annoying that I wrote 'Scaredy cat!' to this man who was trying to get away from the mobile police at the expense of my mother's car! But he never came near the car again. I'm sure he would have said 'Look at this small girl, am I your mate?! Blah blah blah' Whatev!

Anyhow, I was very uninspired late last year for some weird reason. But I think it was just a transition from light to dark OR pale to rich, however you wanna look at it. My taste now leans towards intense hues, have no idea why *asks a pastor what that could mean* lol. I'm loving it though. There's just this very heavy, daring, saucy, confident, over-dramatic and somewhat sinful surge that comes over me when I think of fashion. Ideally, I can't stand pale, bright or light colors right now. Except white. Now I wear dark lipstick, dark nail polish and I just enjoy the bleeding effect. It scared me for a bit but I'm rolling with it anyway. I want to see where it takes me, hopefully into somewhere that oozes power, determination and inherent royalty.

Well well well, I'm back in school. Or as some say to me 'back to reality' but I beg to differ. I think this whole 'school thing' is just one of the many scams of life. I imagine the world to be very different and this institutional enchilada just doesn't fit in the picture. However, we are all victims of this ''scam'', including myself THEREFORE I must go to school and get one or two degrees or something like that. Just because you know of/about the scam does not mean that you're completely free from it. Your mind can be free but the physical remains what it is. You know, it's like the Matrix. (God bless Olumide A. and the Wachowski brothers!) That being said, I have fallen victim to this same delusional 'school system': I am a week late to school so I have 24 hrs to do an assignment that was done in a week. See what the scam is doing to poor me? Whatev, life goes on!

Emmm guys, I have a question. What are you wearing this new year? Please enlighten me.

God bless,