Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Why is it that many creative minds, especially fashionistas, cannot concentrate on one thing for long??? It's as if they have ADD or something! It's funny but sooo common! I was just talking to one who I called multi-talented because he sings, raps, makes films, writes and dresses dapper! But he responded with 'lack of concentration'! In fact, there is one (currently trying to incorporate 100 necklines into 1 flapper dress) in my living room right now. lol

I won't even start pointing fingers here because I am very much easily distracted too. I find it challenging to focus on one thing. What's ironic though, is I need distraction to focus! Yes, I need to refuse distraction literally otherwise I'll go looking for it. Is it a bad thing though? I think not! It does help some stay sane. Imagine if you had only a handful of things you wanted to do? Fewer options, less opportunities to adventure, less RISKS, low adrenaline levels? No FUN! Besides life isn't an exact science like Math, it's way more unpredictable just like the artsy mind is. And truly, that's the beauty of life. So for all larger-than-life, aesthetically inclined, fun-loving, whimsical-minded folks out there, rock on! We run this!

On another note, a DAV!D appreciator made a beautiful slideshow and I'd like to share! The video is so pretty, like a movie trailer indeed =).  His name is Zach O. Check some of his work here... Another multi-talented fella!

Have a happy, happy easter!!


Queen Ify said...

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER SUCKS!LOL. I cannot even study right now.

LOL@ In fact, there is one (currently trying to incorporate 100 necklines into 1 flapper dress) in my living room right now.. I know that person is going to (Inside joke).


AnyaPosh said...

That white dress you're rocking at the end of that video looks hot! Plus the new 'blue' hair is nice too. Take me back to memories of the bob on Mary J. Blige!


They say creative minds constantly buzz about as their minds are not still.Hey look at this way,we creatives have a lot to do for the world so how can we get it done if we are still? lolol crazy way to put it,i know.
Liking the slideshow.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

First of all, Im loving the blue hair!

And second of all, its good to know Im not alone in ever changing interests and ever consant short attention span. We run this fa reallll

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