Saturday, March 8, 2008

My 1st Collection... (I hate Firefox)

I need to make a DAVID lookbook so everyone can have instant access to stuff I've made. Anyway, here is my very first collection. Some clothes were about to turn me into an overnight couturier. Others got me kicking and crying for earth to just swallow me! But I have to say that I can look back in retrospect, smile and say, 'It was good...'

The Denims:

The GQ Mac Collection:

The Extras:

The Designer + 6'5'' tall model!

Okay, she's 5'11'' + 6" inch heels! Dang!

So, there you go people! Thanks for all the support & love! =)
Thanks again Queen for rawking the shoot!

Yours truly,


Anu H. said...


Hmmm Queenie is hot hot hot! Love Dave!

Q said...

Brap! Brap! You are too good. Love you and your collection.I pray to see your collection worldwide. You are creative and hardworking. You will make it. Oh yea, you are Its DAV!D DAV!D...

tiwalade said...

that fuschia dress in the GQ mac collection is killing It! the skirts as well.
Keep up the good work.
Would love to one day own one of your stuff

DAV!D said...

Thanks guys =)

chichi said...

very lovely designs, and i love the quality pictures. I pray you make it big but emmm don't forget to finish school (if you haven't already)

ak akin said...

HOTTT...d designs r off d chain right from the denims to the dresses.. d models r hot too.. lol.. jubilee!!
Eniola great work on David..

Anonymous said...


Azumi♥ said...

1. I LOOVE the shoes in the last photo!

2. I want a dreeeessss!!!!!!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...


miss.fab said...

oh wow i really love your clothes! you are very talented and creative. i especially love the fuschia and blue dresses and the denims (the 1st one is too cute). very stylish and nice! (lol didn't mean to name-drop but i couldn't help it)

oh, and i love the model's shoes in the last photo too!


I love the long dresses,very classy. Well done,there is a grecian feel to them.
Fashion,personal and celebrity styling.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao.. she is Tall(lol.. even funnier cos im the same height as her... and i wear like 4 inch heels always... wahala really dey) shes definitely representing the tall girls.. i LOVe it.. ur designs are absolutely gorgeous.. especially the maxi dresses which are a current favorite of mine. i Love firefox.. but hate it sometimes when it creates these weird editing fonty thingies when u view my blog on explorer.. .ah well.. happy spring sweetie...

A calm in the storm... said...

I really love the fashions that you have here. Very creative. Love the Denims.

alice in wondarland said...

loves the denim collection!!!

silhouette rouge said...

loove!!! haute!!!
xoxo WS
and thanks t anya!!