Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afropolitan Collection Update

Hi everybody!
It's already almost mid-November and I've been tight-lipped about the new collection but now I've got bitter-sweet news...
It's been pushed until further notice. I truly apologize to everyone. The preparation is taking so much more than expected and I'd like to make sure all grounds are covered before venturing out into something so big. I'm going back to my drawing board and getting things done better and I want to assure you all that it will be the best Afropolitan collection you ever saw! I'm researching in-depth, scrutinizing harder, working meticulously with extremely talented people in every aspect.
I'm still eager to show everyone what I can do and I'm very much excited for what's brewing. You all should be too! ;-)
Thank you all so much for the anticipation and support. It really does push me to go harder. Afropolitan still coming through!!!