Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dunno whether I'm just really excited to have a blog or I really do have a story!

I'm a little hungry and I'm feeling some jollof rice and grilled chicken but I'd rather be blogging than cooking right now! I don't like cooking so when i cook, it's special =) NOTTTT!!!

Donc, people have been asking me how the name DAV!D came about and I think it's high time I told everyone finally to reduce the number of times I explain. Guys are more dramatic when asking because they're just hoping it's not one man I'm seeing on the downlow, you know! lol Pretty much, they're like ''So 'who' is David?'' Imagine! HAHAHA!!! Girls are more like, 'So where did the name DAV!D come from?'' And I say, 'David from the Bible... I love him... He's my favorite xter', then someone goes, 'I knew it!'...
Yeah, I did name my line DAV!D because I do love who David is... Then again, what could I have called it? Though it all started one summer when I used to sketch clothes a lot. And I would do this listening to some wikid spiritual music. I just really wanted to learn a new way to worship God. And the the whole rut of devotion was not cutting it for me so I decided to sketch as my own form of worship... So you see, as David would sing and play the harp, so would I sketch and make clothes... I'm sure you get the point by now!

It's Dayveeeeiiiiiddddd!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DAV!D steps out: White & Denim Party

Okay guys, this is my first blog so bear with me. I'm better at expressing myself when I get real comfy with my audience but I dunno how this is gonna turn out so yeah!

So you know how you love something and want it in the future but you don't realize how much it's around you or in this case, in you? Yeah, that's what Fashion is to me. I guess I couldn't push it any further. I thought it would come sometime in the future but I didn't know that that future was NOW. And now, I wanna do this SO BAD (ofcourse I mean in April when I'm almost done Undergrad. Dyu want my mum to read this? lol). Don't get it twisted though, I LOVE Fashion design... It's something I'll never stop for the world. I'm just slowing it now for the sake of school (It's not like school's my fave thing but my mother is giving UW tens of thousands of dollars annually, I can't waste that!)...

Anyway, I'm just gonna share the story of my very first DAV!D outing. I was invited on Facebook to this white and denim party. Truth is, I never even knew the person that invited me personally (except that he was a York student who could give Kanye a run for his money with his dress sense) but I decided to go because of the theme. I checked out the pix for the event and pretty much, the clothes were just the generic Hip Hop/Pop-looking styles that everyone is wearing now; high-waisted pants, denim shorts with suspenders, cat suits, etc. So that got me thinking, how can we wear denim different? So I started scheming. Me and my 2 friends were walking to the grocery store and I began to share my ideas with them; ''Let's do dresses, sailor-skirts, long faded backless loosely-fit denim dresses with lacy shrugs, etc.''. I was digging the ideas and then I got serious about the event. The catch here was, we'd go for the party ONLY if we wore DAV!D.

Later on, we went fabric shopping. Oh my, the most fabric I had ever seen in my life! Rolls upon rolls!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store but I could not start running around (not because it was gonna look immature, I was just tired and worried about a whole bunch of stuff otherwise best believe I would!) We eventually found what we wanted after about 1.5 hours and went home. Then I got to measurements and cutting. See, the last time I did this, I was definitely younger than 9 yrs and I did it with paper. I had never sewn anything from scratch. But it all started coming together as I was sewing even though I was a novice. For instance, no one taught me that when you were dealing with curved patterns, you snip little bits of the excesses so there's less tension on the fabric. I figured it out after crying. I believe my Guide taught me that plus much more!

On the d-day, I was still sewing and had gotten very little done at 9.30pm when I was supposed to be there at 11.30pm. And if you know me well, I'd tell you I'm almost done just to stay positive. At midnight, I decided Queenette's skirt was not really what I wanted so we started to make drastic changes! The style we had was not DAV!D, I got it from this Fashion book I bought earlier. I just felt like, why would the model herself not wear DAV!D? It just did not add up. So we ripped this baby and started recreating a masterpiece (which was my fave of the night if I may add). By 3am, we were done with the three skirts. Thanks to UltraBond for reducing the number of stitches we had to do! We got to the lounge at 330 and ofcourse, the thing was done. But we were FASHIONABLY late! This girl stopped her car and asked for pictures and contacts so she could work with DAV!D sometime on a photoshoot. We got mad stares and people asking questions about where we got the clothes. Shoot! If only they knew! If you're my Facebook friend, you probably have seen the skirts enough times in my album. Regardless, that was the beginning of my DAV!D journey. And I ain't gonna stop just now.

And to Sean, I still do apologize for showing up SO late even after you put me and my friends on the guest list. Lol. Next time, we'll be on time and ON POINT!

It's DAV!D, DAV!D, DAV!D !!!