Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alright, this is what it is...

I am temporarily off official DAVID matters for now. I'm just trying to finish this undergrad with some grace. It was a tough choice to make but I'm glad I finally made a decision, you know. I've got only a few months left for my undergrad but my entire life to work on DAVID.

BUT this isn't any goodbye. I hate goodbyes (except to bad rubbish)! I'll just probably not be posting a lot of DAVID related stuff for a while. I was also meant to put some really gorgeous accessories that were supposed to be hand-made by me but I guess that'll be my return gift to you all.

So hopefully I'll still be blogging almost not as weirdly as I have been doing lately. *We'll keep our fingers crossed for this one, hehe*

Thanks for all the support and love you DAVID-lovers have shown! You guys are truly the best!!!

Yours truly,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I did it again...

I will blog tomorrow. I realize people miss me (and I miss you all too). There's so much to talk about, yet nothing. We'll see how it goes after I hand in my paper. Me love those who love David!

Loads of kisses,