Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Why is it that many creative minds, especially fashionistas, cannot concentrate on one thing for long??? It's as if they have ADD or something! It's funny but sooo common! I was just talking to one who I called multi-talented because he sings, raps, makes films, writes and dresses dapper! But he responded with 'lack of concentration'! In fact, there is one (currently trying to incorporate 100 necklines into 1 flapper dress) in my living room right now. lol

I won't even start pointing fingers here because I am very much easily distracted too. I find it challenging to focus on one thing. What's ironic though, is I need distraction to focus! Yes, I need to refuse distraction literally otherwise I'll go looking for it. Is it a bad thing though? I think not! It does help some stay sane. Imagine if you had only a handful of things you wanted to do? Fewer options, less opportunities to adventure, less RISKS, low adrenaline levels? No FUN! Besides life isn't an exact science like Math, it's way more unpredictable just like the artsy mind is. And truly, that's the beauty of life. So for all larger-than-life, aesthetically inclined, fun-loving, whimsical-minded folks out there, rock on! We run this!

On another note, a DAV!D appreciator made a beautiful slideshow and I'd like to share! The video is so pretty, like a movie trailer indeed =).  His name is Zach O. Check some of his work here... Another multi-talented fella!

Have a happy, happy easter!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Because I'd love to know how she's aged in a different direction from most of her JCrew and Naturalizer peers...

I mean, there is something more to this woman's look than meets the eye. The personality within screams louder than the clothes. Yes! Her look is nothing short of interesting; starting from the conspicuous colors, to the overdone mixture of different patterns (I say her jacket looks like the curtains we had when I was 3), to the blue lox...
...BUT look at her pursed lips... It's like something calmingly-witty is going through her head. It does seem like she's cognizant and also very in sync with herself (observe the way she clutches that umbrella or whatever it is... very assuring!) Ironically, when she expresses it, it only translates as the opposite, hence the masquerade-esque appearance!
The image was lifted from the
Sart btw...

I've also been thinking; if I keep my blue tresses, will they look like hers when I'm her age?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My 1st Collection... (I hate Firefox)

I need to make a DAVID lookbook so everyone can have instant access to stuff I've made. Anyway, here is my very first collection. Some clothes were about to turn me into an overnight couturier. Others got me kicking and crying for earth to just swallow me! But I have to say that I can look back in retrospect, smile and say, 'It was good...'

The Denims:

The GQ Mac Collection:

The Extras:

The Designer + 6'5'' tall model!

Okay, she's 5'11'' + 6" inch heels! Dang!

So, there you go people! Thanks for all the support & love! =)
Thanks again Queen for rawking the shoot!

Yours truly,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally we can see DAV!D at the HUASA Show 2008!

Inspired by various things, this collection, Rouge Noir (named after the Chanel lipstick that I love so much now), is eclectic with different kinds of fabrics and textures to represent the richness in individualities, talents, looks of Africans, especially those in the diaspora.

I usually go from design to fabric but this time I reversed the process to see where it'll lead me. And where to? I feel like I was led to a place of 'power, determination and inherent royalty'.

I even took on a bigger challenge to go for deeper and duller prints as opposed to the bright and vibrant colors everywhere, so I could push my design buttons even more. Even with all the distracting Java and Woodin prints out there, I thought I'd focus more on what I'm here for- creating innovative, timeless pieces.

To say I have no regrets at all with this collection would be a litote. Rather, I LOVE this collection with ALL my heart! I only would have wished for impeccable sartorial skills so that those kick-ass drawings in my sketchbook would have been a reality for sure. I can only hope that I'll be sewing as good as Todd Lynn one day; that would be the DAY!

That being said, I put a slideshow of the collection below so I don't have to upload too many pix on here. Let me know your favorite looks. Enjoy!

PS:I haven't spoken to my mum since the show and I feel terrible. She's DAV!D's biggest fan! =(