Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dunno whether I'm just really excited to have a blog or I really do have a story!

I'm a little hungry and I'm feeling some jollof rice and grilled chicken but I'd rather be blogging than cooking right now! I don't like cooking so when i cook, it's special =) NOTTTT!!!

Donc, people have been asking me how the name DAV!D came about and I think it's high time I told everyone finally to reduce the number of times I explain. Guys are more dramatic when asking because they're just hoping it's not one man I'm seeing on the downlow, you know! lol Pretty much, they're like ''So 'who' is David?'' Imagine! HAHAHA!!! Girls are more like, 'So where did the name DAV!D come from?'' And I say, 'David from the Bible... I love him... He's my favorite xter', then someone goes, 'I knew it!'...
Yeah, I did name my line DAV!D because I do love who David is... Then again, what could I have called it? Though it all started one summer when I used to sketch clothes a lot. And I would do this listening to some wikid spiritual music. I just really wanted to learn a new way to worship God. And the the whole rut of devotion was not cutting it for me so I decided to sketch as my own form of worship... So you see, as David would sing and play the harp, so would I sketch and make clothes... I'm sure you get the point by now!

It's Dayveeeeiiiiiddddd!!!


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is you broke it down and described why it was called David, yet I'm the first person to make a comment, the nmae is equally inspirational as the clothing line...The skirts are a HOT LOOK!

Stay blessedx

DAVID said...

So you feel my pain too? lol People keep asking yet they don't read it on here. Thanks Anon and you stay blessed as well! =)

Anonymous said...

......I luv u even more....... I pray genuingly that God blesses the works of your hands.......hw can HE not after this!

Blossombymi-le said...

was on 134elitz blogspot and found your blog...i love this post. all the best!