Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I've e-collected along the way...

1. Someone recommended this blog Stuff White People Like to me. HILARIOUS! I mean, it's even funnier to me because I find that white people don't make jest of themselves as much! Truly your sides will definitely ache from this one! Here's one of my fave posts on the blog. Kudos to the author.
DISCLAIMER: I haven't read the entire blog but I assume it's not racist from the few posts I've gone through. If you feel otherwise and can prove it, I'll take it down. Thank you.

2. The web site for FashionAfrica is officially out! WHAT! It is REALLY nice, as in, REALLY REALLY hot! And it's not just the layout. It really does have content; designer, artist and model profiles, events, what not? Just dope! The ingenious mind behind this movement be doing big thangz! Again Dammie, marry me! How many times do I have to propose?

3. I have had the bestest-worstest weekend ever! And I have eaten enough fried plantains to feed an army. I am wrapping up my new collection. 15 unforgettable pieces and some for plus sized too. Nigerian traditional wear is SO not boring, thank you!

I love you all!


Anu H. said...

Plantains will make me gain a PLEASURABLE 20lb. At least I'll know I enjoyed it.

I'll check out that blog. You know how I feel about 'RACE' and all that stuff! Hehe

I'm so excited to check out the website!!!

**Kisses*** (lol, so not me to say that)

Wadami said...

LoL, just another 5 million proposals... and I'll consider. Thank you so much sweetie, and for the fact, that I have not even promoted the site, and you know about it makes my heart melt!!


bunmi bakare said...

i am sooooooo excited about your new collection! you def. have the midas touch. pictures, pictures, pictures, SOONSOONSOON! and when can we start ordering? and where is your facebook group? eniolaaaaa, you're killing me :)

i need to wear dav!d sometime this year ooooo! make it happen :)


Indigenous Productions said...

Are you based in Canada? Do you have a website? I Would love to see your designs


ok so you made me ravenously hungry by mentioning how much plantain you'd had!Cant wait to see your new collection.Let me know the availabilty of your designs for shoots.


Mr GP said...

lol said...

wow! Eniola how do u know Ms. Bakare and Dammiehaute and Joba GreenPassport...trying to steal all my friends? hmm!!!

Bbak how far? Na ur eye be this?

Hi Dammie!

Hi Joba!

Lol before I forget uhm! Now u make me sad that I left the urea...imagine you showing at my home for 3 years and I am not there, to house you or even be backstage for u? I am sad!!! Make sure to meet up with my brothers and go for the conference too, not only fashion show oh! You know me love DAVID long time!!!

riz said...

HA, this is hilarious because my bf JUST yesterday recommented that site. It is too bang on!

riz said...

Stuff White People Like, that is

Bobble Bee said...

hahaha, thanks for discovering me stuff-white-people-like!!

It's really hilarious, i'm white and my husband is white as well but he spent yeeears in Jamaica where he used to be the only white around for days and weeks. He loves loves Jamica, and he developed this sense of what "we" like and what "they" like which is very funny.
It's very interesting to see a blog that's putting out there my husband thoughts... ;)

silhouette rouge said...

lmao!!! u shudav stated wat lmao!!!