Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As you can tell...

... I can now use colour on my blog! 

Therefore I will make this post one heckuvah rainbow!

Actually, I'm going back to work now. 
(Thank you to those who tried to show me how and to the one that succeeded)

It's Dayvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiddddd!!!! lol


Anu H. said...

Lol David! You are like your mother: You don't know how to use technology

cee said...

Anu at least she has a blackburre, where's ur own? :p

Happy for you, I love color, it makes me so happy, I was going to give it up for lent but I new it wasn't possible...hehe! ehm! You have my audience more than ever.

Anonymous said...

bush girl...lol gud luck with the show...plsssss we nid pictures..:)

ceecy29 said...

Hey babes!!!

How was the show last night? My sources already tell me you were HAUTE!!! Uhm, I am off of the "book" for now, so I will see pics when I retain. For my sake, please post some on here, I am dying to feed my eyesballs!!!

I know you rocked it!!!

Davidlover all day everyday!

DAV!D said...

I will be posting pix soon... Tuesday to be precise. I just wanna work on a few things pertaining to school for a couple days...I'm SO sorry about the suspense.

And I'm also yet to reply comments on the previous post! DAV!D rocked at HUASA for sure=) Thanks for the support guys! DAV!D hearts you! =)

Wale said...



you go Eni!express yourself in colour!;-)