Sunday, February 10, 2008

Omg! I'm famouuusssss!!!

I wish! lol But this is fun though, you should try it. Submit your pic to LouLou Magazine website. (Go to Share > Street Styling then scroll down beneath the pix. Do whatever you're asked) and wait for 20 years to see your pic amongst MANY other women, lol!

Truth is, there are not many lookers on there but I did it 'cause I can and here's my bit. I lied about my fave stores *blink blink* because it's a Canadian site iniit?! Haha! AND they cropped out my shoes, but here's a full pic:

Then I went to this NaijaFashionFreak blog that Bella recommended and it was nothing short of fun! Honestly, she had me laughing with her crits about some fashion faux pas! I did not agree with all her opinions but she definitely had a point of view which I respect. It's even more fun because she talks about Nigerians. Strictly. lol Very cool blog!

Yeah, Valentine's day is round the corner and it doesn't even feel like it!



Its Q said...

Ho my gorsh. You are famous!! I am looking to valentines day..Why? I have a mid It is not going to be fun. What are you doing on Thursday?

ceecy29 said...

Oh you've always been famouus. That pic has always been a fave of mine *wink*.

Like I always say, every naija female is a self-appointed fashionista *rolls eyes* Gimme a break! haha I will wear my so called "ABORTION" belt if and when I choose, let any fool come and yarn dust..hehe!!!


Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao... ur giving me 'loulou' ideas.. . this is a great look... i absolutely love it

Elle Woods said...

loving the outfit...ur shoes are nice.

M said...

hun u're adorable, loving the blog, keep it up and god luck with everything DAV!D!!