Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Happy new year everyone!!! It's been over a month, I know, I know. And I apologize.
So MUCH has happened since then. The good, the bad and the ugly. I want to blog about everything in depth but I refuse to bore all you lovely folks who read this blog.

I guess the most significant thing is that I went to Nigeria for Christmas and New Year's... It was bluddy eventful and a wonderful mix of emotions, feelings and thoughts. The most amazing things happened, like me meeting Emmy Collins (the only male Nigerian designer I'm psyched about other than the Okunoren twins), he's as cool as his creations... Best believe!
And as for the Nigerian fashion scene? Hmm... Lemme just say too few risk-takers, too many followers. I won't go on but we will get there. I believe so.

What else??? Yeah, I wanted to kill Lagos drivers. They drive on side-walks, honk at every opportunity and don't understand what right of way is. I actually always forgot to make my mini placards saying 'YOU'RE VERY ANNOYING' 'OBEY TRAFFIC RULES, YOU MUMU!' 'DO NOT EVEN TOUCH THIS CAR'... One day it was so annoying that I wrote 'Scaredy cat!' to this man who was trying to get away from the mobile police at the expense of my mother's car! But he never came near the car again. I'm sure he would have said 'Look at this small girl, am I your mate?! Blah blah blah' Whatev!

Anyhow, I was very uninspired late last year for some weird reason. But I think it was just a transition from light to dark OR pale to rich, however you wanna look at it. My taste now leans towards intense hues, have no idea why *asks a pastor what that could mean* lol. I'm loving it though. There's just this very heavy, daring, saucy, confident, over-dramatic and somewhat sinful surge that comes over me when I think of fashion. Ideally, I can't stand pale, bright or light colors right now. Except white. Now I wear dark lipstick, dark nail polish and I just enjoy the bleeding effect. It scared me for a bit but I'm rolling with it anyway. I want to see where it takes me, hopefully into somewhere that oozes power, determination and inherent royalty.

Well well well, I'm back in school. Or as some say to me 'back to reality' but I beg to differ. I think this whole 'school thing' is just one of the many scams of life. I imagine the world to be very different and this institutional enchilada just doesn't fit in the picture. However, we are all victims of this ''scam'', including myself THEREFORE I must go to school and get one or two degrees or something like that. Just because you know of/about the scam does not mean that you're completely free from it. Your mind can be free but the physical remains what it is. You know, it's like the Matrix. (God bless Olumide A. and the Wachowski brothers!) That being said, I have fallen victim to this same delusional 'school system': I am a week late to school so I have 24 hrs to do an assignment that was done in a week. See what the scam is doing to poor me? Whatev, life goes on!

Emmm guys, I have a question. What are you wearing this new year? Please enlighten me.

God bless,


Anu said...


You are a great writer. Life is a scam? Really? Tell us about it.
See you talking about Lagos drivers as if they cannot drive. Hmnn. If you can drive in Lagos, you can drive anywhere in the world. Best believe.

intellectualdivah said...

Life's a scam iniit? I agree to some extent.

Lol @ wanting to kill Lagos drivers. I feel that way sometimes myself. Maybe I should steal your placard idea *wink*

Emmy Collins' stuff is pretty cool. And I love your blog and designs (though I'd like to see more of them). Fabulous is an understatement!

intellectualdivah said...

Oh I almost forgot to answer your question! This year, I'm wearing good health and a strong but loving persona *smiles*

Scholarstica said...

Lol, school ain't no scam, and you've been bashing school too much and for too long to be stuck in there. I double dare you... drop out!

Emm you see, school is a system of organised learning, its really a means to an end not an end on its own! The school is meant to build the whole man(woman) and not just one aspect or talent of yours lol. That's how I see it though.

And better best believe it, we wouldn't be reading your blog if not for school! Well that's just an iota of what school has done for us.

Give us more gist abeg

Anonymous said...

Eh..not sure about the name David...common..its a bit...erm...well...your pretty

DAVID said...

@ anu: Thanks darling! I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the way Lagosian drivers use automobiles. It's kinda like cars are a survival tool for them as opposed to a convenience tool.
As for the scam, we should talk about it outside the blog but as time goes on, the rest of the world will understand what I mean. In the meantime I am very much convinced about the philosophy though.

@intellectualdivah: I hope to show more designs but I'm very busy backstage + some legal issues with images, etc. Watch out for wayyyy more DAVID soon. Thanx for the support darling!

@ Anon: The name will forever be DAVID. It ain't ever gonna change! =)

Anonymous said...

David please tell them its not going to change!! one else has asked about the origin of the name??

DAVID, end of story.

DAVID said...

I know, it ain't ever gonna change! It's DAYVIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDD!!!! Woot woot! lol

Tgirl said...

Eniola, men u r something else. But i like the fight in u and school is not meant for everyone especially in this day and age where it is what u have to bring to the table that people are interested about. Well since this is ur thing u might as well embrace it and give it the best shot that u can. As for me now school is what i embracing and hopefully in the nearest future i can employ my brain and cook up something good.
In the meantime do ur best and leave the rest to God.
About them naija driveres i support Anu although u can't help but being pissed off about the way they drive. Like someone told me once there is always something about one leaving naija and looking @ things differently which is what u r expressing. But keep it up girl and the shy is definitely ur limit.

DAVID said...

@ tgirl, you'd be very amazed to know that I could do a Masters even after this undergrad I so cry over! lol This is why the whole thing is a scam. I know exactly what I'm doing by staying in school.

I'm something else? Hahaha! I'm honest (so I like to think). But oh well, thanks for contributing to the discussion. And thanks for the prayers. I wish you the very best too.

AnyaPosh said...

tell me about it! All these scams are all connected...marriage, education, jobs, everything. It is the illusion that we were meant to survive. The Weltanschauugen (, world view) that we need to be doing something with our lives. If I could choose...I would just stop & pluck the lilies!