Thursday, November 29, 2007

At the Whim (of my NOT wanting to write my paper)...

1. Isn't it irritatting when people ADD you on Facebook and then put you on their LIMITED profile list? Insane, I think. (But I can definitely take that back if someone offers a reasonable rebuttal)...

2. Call it attention-seeking but I hate being ignored! I'd rather have you tell me upfront that you don't wish to speak than to act like I'm not there. Gosh!
My mother would do that for days and I'd just keep repeating myself 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' 'Mum, when can I go with her?' And I'll say this to the power of infinity until something is done.

3. Why do some people act like school is all they live for? I'm sorry but if you're not an aspiring professor or researcher, then you are an aspiring loser to treat school like it's your life. Yes, I said it! *stick my tongue out to those in question*

4. Why is Keyshia Cole dressed like this? I have to honestly say I'm not really against it (I mean with a few touch-ups she can look like the true dime piece she's attempting to resemble)
BUT someone made this comment that got me dying!
Keee Keee NO!!! She looks like she’s waiting for someone to PET HER!!!!!
(Thanks Queen for raising the bar for my ebbed happiness right now!)

5. And PLEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE somebody tell me why there are no non-stop flights from Toronto to Lagos?! Damn Air Canada!


AnyaPosh said...

I'm not sure what kind of boots those are that Kee-Kee's wearing but the heels are a tad bit HIDEOUS!!!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I too hate being ignored and I try very hard not to the same to people.

I am mad you're wondering about Keisha's wardrobe. Don't you know that that chick is borderline ghetto?

I am sorry that there are no direct flights yet from your end. North American just hooked up the Baltimore end and so when I need to go home, there is a non-stop way to go

Will be back to have a look at your label.

DAVID said...

@ anyaposh: Oh goshhhh!!! Keisha just needs some touching up, she's got good ideas...

@ catwalq: I know she is eh? But she still got something going on for her. You can't compare her to Hottie from Charm School! lol
Yes please, come back and check DAV!D out. I have some clothes that haven't been put up for legal reasons, etc. But you'll be seeing way more soon. Thanx for visiting DAV!D too =)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao@ the facebook thing... ive never actually put anyone on limited profile on mine.. but i dont usually accept ppl i dont know.. i dont really see the point(ppl have hi5 for that)omo i see that you and i wont get along at all at all cos me i just live for school.. as in i wake up.. b4 breakfast i think about school.. as im taking a shower.. i think about school... as im going to school i think about school... as i sleep i dream about school(lol.. i kid i kid) maybe not the hair or jacket... but i'd wear keyshias jewels(dont ask... i have such a thing for jewellry.. actually more male than female... a man with a sexy watch makes my heart go pitter-patter..)about the flights.. omo i'm frankfurting it this xmas oh... i cant wait!!! i couldve gone to the states for a direct but no thanks... b4 those bastards strip me naked at the airport. welcome to blogsville(if ur new)

DAVID said...

Man, Hi5 days are over for me oh! Been over since Bethlehem, lol!
About the school thing, don't mind me oh. I have just felt out of place since since the blissful days of high school were over. I can't get away with as much play as I used to. Hence the beefing the nerds! lol

I find men with bracelets sexy. Period.

I'm dying for xmas too! Do you notice the daily parties in that Lagos? Abeg oh, I don't want drive-bys and robbers to come teach us home-comers a lesson! Biko!

BOBBY said...

Girl you know we do need a direct flight from Toronto to Naija! Dagg! how convenient would that be???

Ola Daniel said...

Eni u are quite a character. Leave Keshia alone please!

DAVID said...

@ Ola D: Keyshia's my girl. It's other people clowning her not me oh! lol lol lol