Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project Runway Canada 2

So the much anticipated PR Canada II starts on Tuesday and I'm well excited! The show is months late but at this point, I don't even mind. At least it's not cancelled! Phew! 

I heard a Nigerian girl was in the show a long time ago and I'd been dying to find out who. Well here she is, Adejoke Taiwo. I wish I was the first to be on the show but I'm tres happy nonetheless. I hope she wins! You can watch her audition here as well...

Catch the show 22.00 ET, Tuesdays on GlobalTV. Let all the cutting and stabbing begin! Hehehe!



Queenette said...

Love the show. I would definitely see it this time around. Lol..

I wish it was you though. You know you are too much.

Nigeria's top designer.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

oh wow.. just decided to check in and see if you'd finally decide to update the blog.. and you have... yay! lol... welcome bck hun.. im such a huge fan of the show.. its one of the few canadian adaptations of american shows that doesnt suck donkey balls(excuse my french)... happy new year hun

Ovay West said...

i cannot wait!!! i missed Iman too much.. i cant believe Biddel won season 1, i loved Lucian. hopefully this season would be as good as the last.

Anonymous said...

Just caught up with the whole of seaon 1 on way I'm gonna find it on reapeat in the UK, congratulations on your graduation, now we can read FREQUENT updates....I agree with Ovay, Iman is far better at presenting than Heidi Klum...I loved it when she wore a tartan shirt with a David Bowie T-shirt underneath! Iman ROCKS!

DAV!D said...

@ Q: Thanks

@ ONB: Happy new years too! How are ya? Yes, I hope I'll be consistent with updates now...

@OW: Lucian was beautiful but sometimes just so

@ Anon: Iman rocks! She dresses funny though. lol. Yes, you can watch PRC on now. Good stuff!