Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is Anyone Still Here?!?!

I hope so! Hello everybodayyy, I'm back!!! After being hounded by concerned folk, I have decided to blog again. I was M.I.A. for a while and didn't want to bore you all with gabs about everybody and everything else but DAVID. But I guess DAVID can share things that DAVID likes too right? So now I'll try and blog as often as I can!

Well, 2008 wasn't so boring after all. It ended on an amazing note. I was in London with the fam (and someone tell me why it so cold down there this time?! It even snowed! Eek!) I graduated from my undergrad; never went for the ceremony though. I did get a J-O-B last year. Yes, a full-time job but we won't go there. I worked on a couple things that I will talk as I blog more often (Can somebody say Firestarter?!) All in all, I am thankful for last year. It was the beginning of new and beautiful things to come! I hope everyone got into 2009 with great spirits and expectations. Okay, let's get to blogging...



Anonymous said...

Are you natural?? Natural is the way FORWARD!!

young jash said...

eni im with u on this 1..just count me in..ill work 4 u..