Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SEXY BODY PARTS: Foreheadsss

Some beautiful females with prominent foreheads:

Clockwise: Rihanna; actress, Mena Suvari (American Pie); Iman; model, Lily Cole; actress, Christina Ricci; Tyra Banks; and Sade Adu

Clockwise: My part-time sis, Nkechi I-B; Me (hehe); Big sister, Mautin; the beautiful Cynthia O.

I used to be sooo conscious of mine as a child, and high school kids didn't make it any easier for me! Lol. I would ALWAYS cover it up until my school banned bangs. I promise, I thought I was going to die that day! I was not going to go back to school until my mother called on her friend and they gave my big sis and I a pep-talk for a couple hours (which didn't change much then, lol). But now, I'd do anything to pull my hair back! 

After seeing such gorgeousness that big foreheads are responsible for, I can't believe some people still consider it a flaw. Puhleaseeee! As Cynthia above once commented, "Big, regal foreheads are the norm..." And in my self-serving bias mode, I approve! =)



Elle Woods said...

i have a huge forehead too. It rocks!!

ceecy29 said...

Oh my! Thanks for showcasing our unique foreheads lol! Truly REGAL.

ps: I would've loved for that to be a nappy pic..excuse my vain butt. hehe!

Wale said...

awww...this is my favorite post of the day. it definitely ain't a flaw on you and your fine friends :-)

Anonymous said... us that don't have foreheads nko??? LOL

nah u ladies are rocking ur unique foreheads well...makes me want to have one..

Blanche Truffle said...

I think foreheads are attractive.

Anu said...

Headlights! :=D

Anonymous said...

I think exaggerated features are especially sexy on black/african women...i just love it! and it's high time all women start embracing's the true epitome of beauty to me...the forehead just does it for's my achilles heel and any woman that got it should flaunt it...power to the forehead! For those who don't have it this is a not bang ur head on the wall...i repeat!! do not hit your head against the wall it might result in fatal consequences.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehhehehehehe Eniola lmao!!!!!!!!!goshi 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubbles said...

I have a HUGE forehead
and i got teased about it a lot
but now i love it!!!!

Anonymous said... forehead is almost there...and I have always secretly wished it was just a wee bit more prominent...just a bit..but oh well...luv it still.x

agose said...

i really approve of this post
if you see me you woould immediately know why....haha
got the signature look and it rocks!

Miss SLY! said...

Love it!! ^_^

Lion-ess said...

I was so self conscious of my forehead. I used to get teased alot.. but I've grown to love it and take the teasing in its stride.

EsMagnifique said...

I have a big head. At one point in time I loved it!! Purposely pulled back my hair in ponytails just to show it off.......Then something changed it all for me and now I'm back wear I started. I'm currently natural and I feel like this insecurity of mine is keeping me from fully appreciating the beauty of it but I'm constantly looking for styles that will cover it up. Hopefully I find comfort in myself again :)