Monday, March 30, 2009

PRC tomorrow... Can't wait!

Tomorrow, the semi-final (I think) for Project Runway Canada will be airing and I can't wait. Honestly, I haven't been blown away by anyone on the show except for Sunny Fong who keeps delivering EVERYfriggin'TIME like he got no other option! He's exceptional! 

Jessica Biffi, whom I love her bubbly personality so much, is arguably the second best (it's between her and Jason Myers, who got eliminated and came back). Jason and Genevieve came back on the show and kicked my fellow Nigerian, Adejoke out! I almost cried for her because it was one of her best works but she got the scissors because of Kim 
(whose personality was depicted as very bitchy on the show). I was happy Kim left, but still felt sorry for her. Girl needed a hug!

Anyway, Rachel Roy was the guest judge last week. There was just something about her that used to scare me... I dunno... Maybe it was this collection, lol (which I actually loved but it reminded me of colonial times for some reason). But jokes aside, after this episode, she came across softer...still militant, still opinionated but softer... Now I just think she is a strong woman who knows what she wants...and I'm loving her! (I'm sure by now, you all can tell that I love strong women).

I tried embedding the video but it doesn't work so try THIS . RR had some insightful things to say.

Well, I can't believe I gave 2 posts in one day. Man, why can't life be this easy?! *sigh*

UPDATE: PRC Finale is next week instead.
muchos besos,


Mr Williams said...

very interesting post...i'm actually a fan of PRC but just don't have enough t.v discipline to follow it...However in regards to what you wrote abt Rachel Roy...I love that she can be strong and opinionated but in a subtle way...most women need to learn that...most guys love women with the proper type energy.

Anu said...

When you said "PRC" it threw me off for a minute because PRC is the Grad library where I don't like studying, LOL.

Eni babe.

I don't watch PRC but I love the lady in the picture's outfit.. Rachel Roy you said was her name eh?

And I love your blog! xoxoxx

Queenette said...

Love me some Rachel Roy. I cannot believe she was working at Rocawear company.

Keep the posts coming. I love your blog!