Monday, April 6, 2009

Bra or no?...maybe?

Today's weather is wet and cold, no sunlight = sappy and blue... Perfect weather for me to throw on a Mack and a pair of Wellies, no make up, no cheerful smiles, just a pretty long face to go! But that wasn't even what made the day sad for me... I went out to run some errands and my body started itching. Usually it's much worse as my body itches so bad that I feel as if an army of ants are crawling all over me. I get so profane in my thoughts and the slightest glimpse of clutter I see leads me to tears ='( . There's this one commercial image of a dog sitting on a pile of snack bones that kills me when this happens... When will I find a solution? Sigh! *

***Trying to clear my mind out***

I was e-looking around and I realized that though not a new trend, some women are comfortable roaming clearly sans the baby food-holder... The Bra! 
How do you lot feel about that move? 
"Statement of Femininity" 
"Attention seeking" 
"Doesn’t even matter... Next!" 
"That’s a no-no!" (If you understand Hausa, this wasn't pun-intended, I promise. LOL)
L-R: actress Zoe Kravitz is wearing one but for???; Rihanna; Uma Thurman 
Aretha... Franklin.... 
I personally don’t fancy the visibly bra-less move. And then for some, their nips are just sooo invasive! I’m a firm believer in looking sexy yet keeping the nitty gritty details to a minimum. The universe does not have to know what your entire tatas look like. And really, the absolute least you can do is cover your nipples OR don't let the girls look like an overworked shopping bag...



Anu said...

More support is necessary! Ah, look at Aretha and the other ladies. OK, even though your breasts are not large, the support bras give=priceless. Or at least wear a bra-top like those early days!

Anonymous said...

Haha very interesting post I love it sooo much but I'm gon hush on this one...LOL it's a very tricky subject for us guys...we'll love to please the shawties with their minds right by saying the no bra look with the u kno sticking out don't cut it...but there's just sumthn sexy abt it on the right chic...this is where we gotta get our minds right...just being

I'm sorry abt your day I.e the itching n stuff

Anonymous said...

personally I dont like bra's much... I'd go without a bra if its not absolutely necessary... but c'mon Aretha!!

I.O said...

Don't like bras. I think sometimes it takes away from the style of your outfit. Sometimes your outfit can look messy with a bra. That is why there are tapes to hold dem things down. OK.. Aretha should always wear a bra. lol.. Look at them

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but a bra is necessary, esp when your boobs are not that perky i.e. Aretha Franklin, apart from the fact that you are encouraging a 50% droop in the future by moving around without the use of a bra, God forbid someone should dance vigourously in a club without wearing a bra......

Anonymous said...

LOL!! well, I envy those who can go out without a bra, cos it must be so comfortable...and sexy too...nevertheless, bras are a NECESSARY evil for most girls!

Cor d'Harmonie said...

aww sorry you had a long day but DOUBLE LOL @ ur post. I like how you mixed ur 'sans" with your english. Loves it lol.
And the 'dont let the girls look overworked part' lol.
True that!

AnyaPosh said...'s a friggin fura da nono :D

Yemisi said...

errr... I am a feminist and your assault on breasts offends me!!!!!!!!
Actually no I am a feminist, but i'm totally with you on this one.....the only assault here is on the eyes. Covering of nips is acceptable for a certain genre of "goodies", but the shopping bag variety needs to be LOCKED and LOADED at all times biko

Anonymous said...

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miss.fab said...

Omg my eyes!!! Aretha knows she is WRONG for that! Wtf! Na by force ahahn??? Chai!

I'm sorry but bra wearing is a MUST when your top is see-through. Other occasions shall be debated as they arise.

Tgirl said...

I really don't see anything wrong with the no wearing bra issue cos i really do hate wearing it but i can't do that cos i am really blessed n endowed if u know wat i mean but i believe there r certain people wit certain boob shape that would rock the no bra issue n it all depends on wat outfit u wear. On that note i don't think the whole Aretha thing is nice at all cos that just looks so weird. As for the person who mentioned the whole drooping issue i don't believe that wearing a bra has anything to do with it cos if it had then i should have some perky ass boobs. I believe it all depends on stature, size n aw much subcutaneous tissue u av floating around. Wearing a bra all the time doesn't make the boobs anymore perkier than it should be.
But nice topic girl. Thats my opinion