Thursday, April 30, 2009

Les Bons Mots

About a month ago, I was catching up on Fashion Week SS09 both in Milan and Paris and I stumbled upon some interesting lines from fave designers and attendees...

“ I love contradiction... for me, it’s where the truth really is”
Creative Director for YSL, Stefano Pilati, on his inspiration for collection

“I don’t just work for Fashion Week, I work for women. It’s really important to create pieces you wanna keep forever”
Stella McCartney on her ability to create pieces that women love time and time again.

“There is certainly a credit crunch but not a creative crunch”
John Galliano when asked about his eponymous haute couture collection.

Lastly, a convo about McQueen's collection, which was described as the 'most persuasive lesson in Fashion recycling [...]' as he reused old material like coke cans, tires and lamps to fabric from his previous collections to create an amazing & entertainig show!;
Tim Blanks: That could be the end of civilization
Linda Fargo
(of Bergdorf Goodman): *gasp* Well that would be a pretty ending though, I would go out like that!

Neat stuff eh? 



Anonymous said...

there's just something about fashion, it's like most's more than just designing the clothes and walking down the's kind of like poetry it has a message or a story behind it.

Virgos Lounge said... a good way..x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Toni tones said...

wowza....i'm quite drawn 2 it actually....

Mikkel said...

Gareth Pugh is fantastic!