Monday, March 9, 2009

Party Up! =)

When it comes to the party scene, I have to say dressing up is my favorite part! In Nigeria, where I'm from (especially in the Yoruba culture), partying is a lifestyle! We party almost to a fault! lol And for us, these are the elements that make a party a party :
1. Great food! Not only must there be food, it must be in abundance as well. Are you ki'ing me?! lol  I think it's unfortunate that we don't have food in parties anymore, just drinks. lol
2. Scintillating music (the type that would provoke a paralyzed person to get up and dance!)
3. The clothes... You know that the issue of matching clothes with the shoes and bags (whether right or wrong, lol) is a very touchy one to Nigerian women! 

Whatever the case, I can relate. Looking good is a MUST, whether it be jeans and tees. The last party my posse and I went for was NEPA. A much anticipated party organized by the Carleton University Nigerian Students Association (CUNSA), which is arguably the most active Nigerian association in Canada. It was sooo much fun! Red carpet, DAV!D, flashing lights, DAV!D, fab music, DAV!D, meeting amazing new people, DAV!D, DAV!D, DAV!D and so on!

I put together some flicks from the party that caught my eye... There were thousands of them to scheme through and heaven knows, I got tired! As per the fashion part, people looked good but I didn't see anything mind-blowing (except for the DAV!D look of course, lol)... Anyway, if you're wearing it well, you're wearing it well, iniit? Enjoy!    

L-R: The lights on the dance floor; Glowing ice; African jewelry and mini champagne bottles included in the VIP packs; The backdrop (DAV!D is somewhere on there... Sweet eh?!) These were put together by the ladies of INEN Organized!

Ladies L-R: The INEN girls, Christal and Sterre (whose hair was so FIERCE!); The ankara triplets, Ifeoma, Ijeoma and Adeola; Adaeze-Flossy (she gets credit for altering the style of that dress to perfection)

The Men Clockwise: Mr. Gidilounge in his crisp vest; Donald M is working that red carpet! lol; Olumide B. did pink and red justice; Donald Ofik- Dude is a trendsetter, watch his space!; Jimi Bolu having too much fun in his dapper bowtie, definitely another trendsetter to look out for; Ikenna O. kept it simple and sweet in the cargo colors and boat shoes; Deji K. brought the heat in a leather blazer... 

Random:  Kwame and I (bottom left) reuniting after 4 years?; Kenny (top left) is gonna kill me but I love the way he's dancing in that pic. lol Overall, NEPA was loads of fun. Got me dancing in my full length dress and

On a closing note, my woman of the night: Miss Ify Olu... Donning a metallic custom DAV!D dress. She did look like molten lava... Tsssttt! I love the way she worked the entire look with the head wrap, thong flats and the DAV!D swagg to go. Work itttt!!! =)



bob-ij said...

LOL at the ankara triplets...I Loved the THEV!D dress...:D


Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis..:very well said

Anonymous said...

loving the new look...

Queenette said...

DAV!D, you write so well and I love it.

I agree, a party is not a party without lots of food, great music, and BAFFS! Owa- mbe parties are usually the best.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay I just discovered the joys of this blog and David...I luv already!!
Can't wait for more posts to distract me from my work.xx

Anonymous said...

eni-ola very nice blog u know I'm into web design u should have told me u had a blog. Nehow this be keno thanks for the shout-out was apperiated.

DAV!D said...

Thanks guys! =)

Anu said...


You know I love your blog. And you looked STUNNING in that dress. Very classy and most of all, timeless. I also love what you did with the hair.

Ify's DAVID dress also killed it. Really suits her figure. Flossy's dress complimented those banging curves (lol).

I love the ankara triplets! Wore it very well.

The men are looking dapper as well. Mr.Gidilounge's waistcoat=hot. And Mr Bolu-Williams rocked the pink+red very well!

Kenny Okoye ooo (my bone thugs and harmony, LOL). He looked very nice!

ceecy29 said...

ah and I thot Adaeze's dress was DAVID..anyhoo it's a hot dress..loved this post!!!