Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a day!

Quick recount of my roller coaster day;

1. I woke up feeling wayyy better after the most disturbing flu ever (to the point where my gums were itching).

2. I went to get my hair sides shaved but the stylist thought it was okay to cut the longest part of my hair into half. I'm not sulking over length but he gave me a mohawk I wasn't interested in. I wanted a Sumo wrestler-type shave... Length everywhere, nothing on the sides/back but instead I got a nappy-hawk. Not a fan of universal hairdos. I'll rock on tho'.


3. I went to LG Fashion Week! I missed one show I was invited to on Tuesday because I was ill, however I paid to see Lucian Matis yesterday and I couldn't love him more. He's so cute ;-). I couldn't really take pix, everything was so fast-paced! More on #LGFW later.

4. I had the most fulfilling dinner ever afterwards! Everything I wanted in food; vegetables, fish, flatbread, cheese... The pix will explain better.

5. I'm home now and I'm more inspired to continue creating 10 killer looks for the Afropolitan Collection. It never went anywhere... Still coming through!



Diamond said...

welcome back

Myne Whitman said...

Your hair looks great!

Jibz said...

Oh Wow! Nice hair do.
I really admire your boldness.
I dont know you that well but I'm proud of you:-)

bourgybabe said...


lovessss it..i told totally emcompasses who you are..BOLD n FIERCE!

i didnt know it was an error..i like it sha..keeep rocking on DAVID!!.

i cant wait for the Afropolitan collection to be out mehn..i know it will be HOTTT said...

But it wasnt April Fool shaaaa!!!

You look stunning tho and YOU KNOW IT! :) Rock on....when life throws an ITK barber... rock the hell out of the "mishap".

Cant wait for the APC!

<3 Nap on sister Nap on.


Chic Therapy said...

Isnt it funny how hair stylists manage to change our minds.

love your blog