Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Week Toronto

Ironically, I'm not a fan of Fashion Shows... *shrugs* I think they end where the show ends (at least for most people). I have a preference towards other forms of 'showings' that actually last for longer than 15 minutes. All that hard work... then... Okay, I'll
stop. Well I went for the screening of the September Issue last year at LG Fashion Week.

Everywhere was dolled up nicely and I had a great time looking at gorgeous people and stealing bags of caramel popcorn from empty seats! Yep! The movie was alright. I was a bit bored, to be honest.
random fw props. i especially loved the ankara display.

I had nothing to wear that day and decided to keep it simple. I went very unlike me- sweet and girly. *gag*. (I secretly liked it). Ify looked great in her Carolina Herrera-esque skirt and a slinky turtle neck top. :-)
lgfw s/s2010, The September Issue screening

This year, I attended one show; Lucian Matis. Brilliant! I was sick for other shows. I'll try to
do a few more shows next time and steal editors' front-row seats.

The fun continued when I was asked to do some stills for COSMOtv! That was surprisingly random. Unfortunately I barely watch any tv so I'm not sure how I'm gonna catch that one.

I wore a classic black Zara dress and accessorized with: Snake-skin Stuart Weizman for Russell & Bromley sandals+ tribal earrings + frohawk+ red lipstick. Ify looked great too in her vibrant blue trench dress over a black mini + sexy Miu Miu pumps.

if you notice, I sit down to take most of my pix at fashion week 'cause i'm shy. ify on the other hand, will pose in ny times square.
I was hoping to bump into Toronto's fashion-savvy folk that I knew but I didn't get the chance... Everything just happened so quick, like a flash! But it's always fun to see people put some thought in their looks. I enjoyed myself... in a weird way.

My next stop is the FAToronto, which some of my friends will be participating in. Roll on end of April! ;-)



Anonymous said...

You're an ambitious soul. Do you have a site for your clothing? I like what I am seeing here. I am following you now.

Anonymous said...

I actually did see you on Oh So Cosmo yestee posing as one of the "fashionista" (their words) sightings at Fashion shows :). Hope they paid you, lol.


That Girl N. said...

Yay ! That Zara LBD is da bomb ! Very classy.