Sunday, September 5, 2010

Afropolitan is here!

I'm inviting everyone to the premier of my anticipated collection- The Afropolitan, via the new website (the name of which I will release by the premier date- September 9th, 2010).
Sneak peek/ test shot from the set. (model- Remmy, photographer- Will Turner).



Anonymous said...

Good to hear about that, congratulations. It's good I chose to stay updated with your blog, being from Nigeria myself I really get a traditional feel from the garment. Best wishes to you.

DAV!D said...

Thank you Unyime!
It's definitely a reference to my culture but also my reality.
Where about are you located? I get a very European feel from your blog.

ceecy29 said...

Lover (and supporter) of your work. Can't wait!!!

Coily Mystic said...

nice pics she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!


Sugarr said...

Aww yay! Exciting stuff. Patiently waiting. x.x.