Friday, September 10, 2010

The Takeover

My new collection video, written and directed by myself. Produced by Will Turner of Willyverse.
Music by Lykke Li "Let It Fall" & Fela Kuti "Shakara".
Special thanks to Bolaji Kekere-Ekun of 37th State for his genius eye & brain.

Watch on Vimeo here

"The Takeover" from Eniola-David Hundeyin on Vimeo.

or YouTube =)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Afropolitan Collection has come through =)

With much joy and pride, I present my mini collection. I put everything into it. I hope it brings forth blessings to myself and all that share it with me.

Thanks to God, my mom, sisters, best friends, the team (videographer, web designer, models, makeup artist, co-stylist & personal assistant for the day), legal advisors, script editor, my friends who lent their living space for castings, filming, etc. You guys are the best, thank you so so so so much! x


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Afropolitan is here!

I'm inviting everyone to the premier of my anticipated collection- The Afropolitan, via the new website (the name of which I will release by the premier date- September 9th, 2010).
Sneak peek/ test shot from the set. (model- Remmy, photographer- Will Turner).


Saturday, April 24, 2010


What a wonderful night. Update coming soon!


Sunday, April 4, 2010


I took this really cool pic of myself (how meek of me! =) ) in 2008 during a stopover at Philly or so...
My buddy Kris loved it so much that he did his own version at home. So cool!

now that i mention this, i haven't seen him in a long time! :-(

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Week Toronto

Ironically, I'm not a fan of Fashion Shows... *shrugs* I think they end where the show ends (at least for most people). I have a preference towards other forms of 'showings' that actually last for longer than 15 minutes. All that hard work... then... Okay, I'll
stop. Well I went for the screening of the September Issue last year at LG Fashion Week.

Everywhere was dolled up nicely and I had a great time looking at gorgeous people and stealing bags of caramel popcorn from empty seats! Yep! The movie was alright. I was a bit bored, to be honest.
random fw props. i especially loved the ankara display.

I had nothing to wear that day and decided to keep it simple. I went very unlike me- sweet and girly. *gag*. (I secretly liked it). Ify looked great in her Carolina Herrera-esque skirt and a slinky turtle neck top. :-)
lgfw s/s2010, The September Issue screening

This year, I attended one show; Lucian Matis. Brilliant! I was sick for other shows. I'll try to
do a few more shows next time and steal editors' front-row seats.

The fun continued when I was asked to do some stills for COSMOtv! That was surprisingly random. Unfortunately I barely watch any tv so I'm not sure how I'm gonna catch that one.

I wore a classic black Zara dress and accessorized with: Snake-skin Stuart Weizman for Russell & Bromley sandals+ tribal earrings + frohawk+ red lipstick. Ify looked great too in her vibrant blue trench dress over a black mini + sexy Miu Miu pumps.

if you notice, I sit down to take most of my pix at fashion week 'cause i'm shy. ify on the other hand, will pose in ny times square.
I was hoping to bump into Toronto's fashion-savvy folk that I knew but I didn't get the chance... Everything just happened so quick, like a flash! But it's always fun to see people put some thought in their looks. I enjoyed myself... in a weird way.

My next stop is the FAToronto, which some of my friends will be participating in. Roll on end of April! ;-)


I'm not really one to blog about Popular Culture

But apart from the infectious beat, I love the visuals in Kelis' latest Acapella video. Especially where her baby's feet are calmly sticking out from behind her... Gorgeous!


She's definitely a fearless one!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a day!

Quick recount of my roller coaster day;

1. I woke up feeling wayyy better after the most disturbing flu ever (to the point where my gums were itching).

2. I went to get my hair sides shaved but the stylist thought it was okay to cut the longest part of my hair into half. I'm not sulking over length but he gave me a mohawk I wasn't interested in. I wanted a Sumo wrestler-type shave... Length everywhere, nothing on the sides/back but instead I got a nappy-hawk. Not a fan of universal hairdos. I'll rock on tho'.


3. I went to LG Fashion Week! I missed one show I was invited to on Tuesday because I was ill, however I paid to see Lucian Matis yesterday and I couldn't love him more. He's so cute ;-). I couldn't really take pix, everything was so fast-paced! More on #LGFW later.

4. I had the most fulfilling dinner ever afterwards! Everything I wanted in food; vegetables, fish, flatbread, cheese... The pix will explain better.

5. I'm home now and I'm more inspired to continue creating 10 killer looks for the Afropolitan Collection. It never went anywhere... Still coming through!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afropolitan Collection Update

Hi everybody!
It's already almost mid-November and I've been tight-lipped about the new collection but now I've got bitter-sweet news...
It's been pushed until further notice. I truly apologize to everyone. The preparation is taking so much more than expected and I'd like to make sure all grounds are covered before venturing out into something so big. I'm going back to my drawing board and getting things done better and I want to assure you all that it will be the best Afropolitan collection you ever saw! I'm researching in-depth, scrutinizing harder, working meticulously with extremely talented people in every aspect.
I'm still eager to show everyone what I can do and I'm very much excited for what's brewing. You all should be too! ;-)
Thank you all so much for the anticipation and support. It really does push me to go harder. Afropolitan still coming through!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Afropolitan Collection

I'm back blogging for the meantime as I am working on my most exciting project yet! First, I'll start by apologizing for leaving so rudely, I'll be more civil next time.

Right now I'm working on my Afropolitan Collection which will be released by late November, and will have some pieces on sale afterwards! *cartwheels*

This collection is inspired by the Afropolitans who Taiye Tuakli-Worsornu describes as:
"the newest generation of African emigrants, in the industrialised world. You'll
know them by a funny blend of London fashion, New York jargon, African ethics and academic success.
If nothing else, the Afropolitan knows that nothing is neatly black or white; that to 'be' anything is a matter of being sure of who you are uniquely."
(Read the rest here).

For me, the afropolitan woman is sophisticated, fun, conscious, strong, intelligent and unique! She knows what she wants and achieves her goals in life. There is some mystery to her as she always represents her African heritage in an unprecedented yet highly admirable way.

This collection does not only refer to the person who is of African descent, but to anyone who can relate to this successful multi-dimensional virtue. For a while, I have been trying to come up with images that convey compelling images of the afropolitan however, I believe the ultimate high will be in the final collection *goosebumps and faster heart rate*. These are some of my images I have come up with...

A series of pix I took a couple weeks ago... Shot by Ify Olu and directed by me.

Random shots I've taken of myself.

Ankara book covers made by 12-year old Debbie Madueke...
Sterre sunbathing in her dashiki-esque head wrap... I love!
I understand that fabric isn't the only representation of the afropolitan much less ankara. However this collection will feature mainly this material for reasons I'll explain later. For now I'm just letting the ankara whisk me into the land of inspirationo! Afropolitan coming through...